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  1. Hi where can I get that white dosing funnel. Need a 1 white as I have the white specialita coming. Looks smart that.
  2. Mickmcgett

    Acaia Scales

    https://www.goldboxroastery.com/uk/shop/barista-tools-and-gear 180 then vat takes it to 216.
  3. Mickmcgett

    Acaia Scales

    Just found them for 216. Just had do some searching there.
  4. Mickmcgett

    Acaia Scales

    Theve put the scales up to 270 so when you use the code it takes them to 243 now. Looking for a set myself.
  5. I was talking about clumsy goat warranty. Probably will just wait on BB getting there stock back in cause of there 2 year warranty plus you just deal with them & also you can transfer it to another person if you decide to sell it.
  6. Had a look on there website they have one but they dont have much about what warranty you get with it. Think there just a broker for eureka so if anything breaks on it I would probably have to deal with eureka directly. Thats what it seems like.
  7. I'm on there mailing & had an email back saying April time is when there next release is? I've not got a grinder just now so its not as if I can wait 3 months & maybe not get one. Also dont want to buy twice. Stuck in a rock & a hard place.
  8. Hi im the exact same as you mate. Been reading reviews & looking up YouTube videos of different machines. I've decided on the lelit elizabeth but can't decide what grinder to get. Wanted the niche but more chance of finding a unicorn. So either the eureka specialita or the XL but can't get any of them in white which I need for my kitchen.
  9. I message BB asking when they would have it in white back in stock. Said there expecting it on there delivery next wk.
  10. Valid point mate. Think the niche next drop is in april which fits my needs more. Just hope i get one if i decide to wait that long.
  11. Seen a few people taking away the hopper & using there own modified single doser using a small plastic bellow pump to take away the retention which seems to work pretty well.
  12. Well the niche zero also but can get those for the love of money at the minute. Ill be single dosing 16g-18g about 2 coffees a day. Nothing major Like the size of the eureka grinders.
  13. What grinder do i get? Is the the XL worth the extra money? First grinder? Whats your thoughts?
  14. Thanks mate after looking into the elizabeth ive decided thats the machine that im going to get. Much appericated.
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