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    IMS Basket

    Thanks a lot... I've got the 15g IMS competition which is giving brilliant results with my milk based in an 8oz cup- I'll get this, make the grind a bit courser & go back to my 6 oz.... it all makes sense to me!
  2. matt-

    IMS Basket

    Hi All, Please could someone let me know if this will fit my Classic before I buy one! Many thanks- www.bellabarista.co.uk/the-single-1-cup-12gr-cup-filter-by-ims.html
  3. Where do you buy tickets? I've googled & can't find them!
  4. Stepless? can you explain or post a photo please!
  5. Hi, Thanks.. what about these?? http://www.commercial-coffee-machines.co.uk/Santos+No+4+Coffee+Grinder+Burrs+-+set+of+2+grinding+wheels/0_CAAA121_CAAA195_CAAA201/PRAB210.htm
  6. Thanks, I'll google and purchase some burrs- I found an online manual & it's a piece of cake to maintain
  7. Bought this yesterday for £80.... It's been in a garage for a few years- fitted a new fuse & removed the mouldy beans & it works a dream- It's a bit of a beast! anyone else got one?
  8. Thanks for the recommendation for the IMS Basket.. I bought one & it's giving excellent results- It's also better quality than my VST
  9. I rekon it's about 12.... I'll take a look at your previous link-
  10. Thanks that's great... Could you post up a link for the IMS basket that will hold approximately the same as the Gaggia Capsule one please ? ... I'll buy both- thanks
  11. Thanks- I can't see a 'c' stamped on it but Two of them came with my Classic (which I bought second hand). I have a VST 18 gram but, like I said- I get amazing results time after time with this possible capsule basket together with a 6 oz cup making Cappuccinos or flat whites. Could someone post up a link to a site that sells the 'capsule' baskets please.... thanks-
  12. The one on the left is a standard double next is a standard singe- I've been using (with great results) the one on the right.. but it needs replacing & I can't find one online! Many thanks!
  13. Hi could you post up a link to where you bought your pump please? Mine works fine but is very noisy...
  14. Thanks, that's great, I've just fitted a supposed genuine group seal from Amazon which is hopeless- I'll order a blue silicon one & brass screen holder which will be loads better
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