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  1. Delivery due tomorrow for my NZ ordered end of Dec 2020! I was very lucky when I ordered - hadn’t registered interest or anything, the stars simply aligned. Now just to settle on a machine and finish my backlog of nespresso pods... edit - sorry didn’t see other thread titled for this comment, delete if needed.
  2. Thanks! Ahh it does seem a lot but it’ll be a mixture of caf/decaf. At the minute I’m just having maybe 1-2 nespresso + 1-2 instant. It’s funny as I thought as the sole user that would seem like low usage.
  3. Hi all from Sheffield - I’ve been lurking in the shadows for a few weeks now... Background - So I started considering leaping down the rabbit hole last September and was looking at getting a sage BE - it looked nice and even with lockdown prices seemed reasonable considering it had a grinder...I didn’t commit and slowly saw suggestions (elsewhere) that a bambino plus w/ a separate grinder would be better; then I saw that Breville had pushed out a non-Plus version of it elsewhere so waited, waited and waited for Sage to start marketing but that still hasn’t happened. Then I began getting
  4. First post - having watched a lot of varying content on the subject recently I think it’s fair to say he/his team generally produces high quality, clear and well-edited media. I think there are likely gripes at every level if you look long enough at the content (for me it was the £500 machine review where the two picks at the end were either >£500 or on the proviso it’d be modded; just wanted an out of the box review). I don’t read the comments in his videos but the impression often given in the content is that he engages with the audience and does giveaways which will always help retain a
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