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  1. @Usagercoffee @Usagercoffee Yes please! I bet quite a few of us would take you up on that if that's a possibility?
  2. I've added a puck screen to my Vesuvius. The difference in the pour has really surprised me... and yes it tastes better too!
  3. Just tried to pulls on my Niche/Vesuvius combo. The Niche was calibrated for the previous roast- *(medium-dark) and the first pull almost choked the machine. Second pull (2 notches less) poured beautifully. Its VERY different from anything else I've tasted.. me like! (18in40out in 40+ secs) inc a 20 sec preinfusion
  4. Just to ask: is there a recommended Espresso recipe for this? TIA.. Graham
  5. @Stevebee Are you noticing a difference in the cup ? And during the pull?
  6. It would be interesting to these those shots repeated with a puck screen in place.. and also to compare various showerscreens!
  7. @DavecUK I bow to your superior knowledge! I thought that there was an optimum amount of headroom between the top of the puck and the bottom of the showescreen?
  8. wow that IS low! Worth increasing the dose? (Same grind) ??
  9. Would be interested to know how fine the grind and the dose in/out? I'm trying similar experiments on my Vesuvius.. TIA
  10. A/F is remarkably common and tends to undiagnosed.. not least because you can have perfectly normal BP, but still be in A/F and also because it comes and goes so if you see your GP, your BP is fine, and you are not in A/F at the time its undetected. We're big fans of the Alive Kor Kardia (its around £100 on Amazon) .. we use it in the pharmacies to detect A/F and refer the patient to the GP.. https://www.amazon.co.uk/AliveCors-KardiaMobile-Approved-Bradycardia-Tachycardia/dp/B07RQW6SD5/ref=ice_ac_b_dpb?crid=2AUELZNIJW5Z4&dchild=1&keywords=atrial+fibrillation+monitor&q
  11. AF is surprisingly common and if you suffer makes sense to minimise stimulants like caffeine.. drink decaf!
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