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  1. website?? Social media activation? So much more to this than you've told us..
  2. I know people dismiss it because its "an appliance" but the Sage Dual Boiler is a phenomenal machine..
  3. Possibly.. what are you thinking?
  4. I was reading Espresso Aficianados. Some of them store the beans in the freezer and simply grind from frozen. No defrosting etc. Any views ??
  5. Might also be worth talking to the guys on Home Barista.com - some of them have had the DB's for many years and have dealt with every problem,..
  6. Aw don't! Praise be to you lot I've already spent a bloody fortune.. (plus I've ordered a Gevi 2in1)
  7. Try adding a puck screen. Made a big difference for me. Niche plus Vesuvius. Mr Shades has them for a very reasonable price..also puck rake helped. Django coffee now back in stock
  8. @Stevebee vesuvius vs evo yes please pretty please.. I'm in Barnet so not a million miles away..
  9. @Stevebee ditto I have a Vesuvius so dead keen to know how they compare..
  10. FWIW: I'm loving the KRUVE glasses
  11. Or buy one of these?? LoL https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gevi-2-in-1-coffee-grinder-pour-over-machine#/
  12. You might find this interesting https://coffeeadastra.com/2020/12/09/brewing-with-the-fellow-stagg-x-dripper/ And Lance Hedrick also seems to like them albeit highly modified. Mine is standard. Build quality is excellent but whether it bests the alternatives is a moot point..
  13. I have no particular axe to grind.. my friend has an LMLM and I have an ACE Vesuvius bought 6months old from another forum member. My friend bought his LMLM and grinder over recently so we did a side-by-side comparison. The app on the LMLM is a complete disaster. Neither of us could get it to work consistently. The LMLM produces lovely shots but I thought the Vesuvius had the edfge- not huge- but definite. To my surprise my friend VASTLY preferred the Vesuvius (and we didn't even try the numerous pressure profiling options it has) to the extent that he's now planning to sell the LMLM and buy a Vesuvius. So while I think the LMLM is a gorgeous machine I'm convinced there are much better alternatives for the money.. FWIW "Vesuivii" come up pretty regularly on the forum second hand!
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