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  1. Just come across this post and indeed the quiche looks good. Please could you let us know where you got the recipe from or provide a link as I will have a go at making one as my wife loves quiche. Regards. Keith.
  2. I will definitely be keeping mine, its the reason i bought it. One could wait for the next product that may have good/great reviews though where do you stop. Given the Niche reviews and the feedback regarding their customer relations, then this has to be the best buy by far. Regards. Keith.
  3. Managed to get a black one.
  4. Yes, that's the one though with the feedback shown above I will be open to what's out there. s So please let me know what you have that is surplus to requirements. Regards. Keith.
  5. As per the title, I am currently looking for a Metal ECM Tamper Station, as shown though out of stock on the bella barista website. Also an ECM Milk Pitcher, preferably the 0.36ltr. Thanks for looking. Keith.
  6. Hi, Would you take £200 by Bank Transfer for the machine and I will pay postage if you can find out how much it will cost. Thanks. Keith.
  7. Hi, Thanks for the heads up though, (I thought i had mentioned the size) I am after the 250ml like the ones recently posted in the for sale section. Regards. Keith.
  8. Wanted 6 x ACME cups and Saucers, Burgundy or Red in colour with the white band showing on the edge of the saucers. Must be in perfect condition. Please let me know what you have. Thanks for lookIng. Keith.
  9. Hi Rincewind, the rear mech and all the other components are Campagnolo Super Record. Had a Suntour rear mech on an 1980s Raleigh Record Sprint, that takes me back. Regards. Keith.
  10. Hi Al, even the team car was cool, here it is at the 2018 Eroica.
  11. Yep, he has an 1990 Holdsworth bike, 531 frame with full shimano 105 groupset.
  12. 52/42 and GP4s. A lovely bike to ride which i did on four occasions on the Eroica, one of which my mate and I, though unknown to us were captured by a magazine photographer as we neared the finish line. This image was then painted onto canvas by a friend and I was given it as a retirement present.
  13. Hopefully a picture of my Gios as promised, followed by my sworks and my Yeti MTB. A further image of the Gios with Black bar tape and Toe Straps the Regards. Keith.
  14. When you say it like that, it's daunting and the more I think of it the more it plays on my mind, though hey ho I will try.
  15. No, may give it a go once the lock down has ended though tonight we have been informed that the village perimeter restriction will continue till at least the 19th Feb.
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