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  1. Thanks everyone for your opinions. I’m going to try tamping lightly like in the video, and if I need much more pressure I will try adjusting the grind.
  2. So how hard does everyone tamp? I’ve heard 30lbs, 20-30lbs, 5-10kg.... Then today a nice Italian man called me from a local coffee distributor. Told me he didn’t want to sell me the levelling tool I enquired about as it was unnecessary, then spent 15 mins on the phone giving me advice. Most importantly his advice on tamping: He said after a few taps of the portafilter just place a flat heavy metal tamper on and just let it’s own weight do the tamping, and twist as I pull away, do not press down. He said if the grind is fine enough and the coffee fresh there is no need to press down.
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