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  1. Think someone got to it before me :(. If it falls through then I will have it! Thanks
  2. Hi, looking for any second hand items as above. I have a gaggia classic pro - presumably a 58.5mm leveler would be the best choice? Thanks!
  3. I had a very similar budget and I weedled my choice down to Sage Bambino Plus and the Gaggia Classic Pro. After doing a fair amount of research the decision came down to workload and personal preference towards taking espresso making up as a hobby. The Sage is a good looking, compact and technology heavy machine. Its straight forwards to use and leans more towards to the automatic end of the semi-automatic machines. For example, the milk frother has an automatic option which is a nice addition for beginners. The Gaggia is a little less sleek, but nevertheless a charming machine which
  4. I think some coffees benefit from having higher or lower doses to properly experience the subtleties that the roasters say you should taste. Adjusting the dose is not my first port of call when 'dialling' in a new coffee bean but it is supposed to be a variable. There are quite a few useful videos on YouTube about dialling in if you haven't watched them already. Regarding your question about whether you should buy another basket with your bottomless portafilter - I recoeved a triple basket with mine but I very quickly returned to the 14g stock gaggia basket which works absolutely fine. N
  5. Hi, I'm also new to the gaggia classic pro and had to do quite a lot of fiddling to diall in my shots initially. After a lot of research this seemed to work: Drop the dose to 16g, and go to the finest grind and see what happens. The standard gaggia double (non pressurised) basket that you are using doesn't seem to like more than this amount when I have tried. This helped me when I was having issues with fast or sour tasting shots. If doing this "chokes" the machine then you have somewhere to work up from by coarseness your grind gradually.
  6. Hi, wanted to know if you were keen to give the 18g VST basket a new home? Thanks
  7. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for custom made portafilter handles for the gaggia classic pro? I'm looking at getting a bottomless portafilter, do you think that its best to not to do much fiddling with changing handles etc? I've seen a few nice wooden bottomless portafilters out there but the choice is not as good as with other machines. My ideal would be a wood with a silver metal cap sort of like the link below but a darker wood. https://artpressodesign.com/store/la-marzocco-bottomless-portafilter-walnut/ Thanks for t
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