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  1. thanks @Dallah that's good to know. Is it from EdekoDesigns by any chance? Been talking to him about his custom Eureka Specialita funnel. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/784403131/58mm-espresso-dosing-ring-portafilter
  2. I bought a cheap one similar to yours and quite a bit of coffee tends to stick to the funnel. Probably due to static. Tempted to go for the wooden one on Etsy, looks really nice. Just curious as to whether it'll hold hands-free when docked onto the grinder and if any coffee tends to stick to it as well (probably less than on metal, I imagine)?
  3. This has been sold now through Gumtree. Please close this thread. Thanks all.
  4. Sorry for being ignorant, but what's the specific benefits of such a competition level basket? And what's the difference between this one and the other one you're selling? Thanks!
  5. Thanks @El carajillo. £350 was given as an estimate in the Valuation post for the machine by itself, if I'm not mistaken. The same machine, similar age and state, recently went for £400 on eBay. I'm selling it with a decent grinder and am now open to offers. If you're interested, please let me know.
  6. Bump - open to offers and splitting, if of interest.
  7. @jamielee what did you end up going for, if already decided? Having pretty much the same deliberations...
  8. Interesting thoughts. What would be the grinder you’d recommend if not the Specialita, as in which one is the next level up? And when/why would you recommend Synchronika over Technika (or not)?
  9. Hi @duncan-m-w have you made a decision? Also thinking about Technika or Synchronika, and not quite clear on whether a Technika would not be absolutely fine for my daily use (1-2 espresso, 1-2 cappuccino/latte). Cheers!
  10. Curious what you ended up getting. Thinking about the Technika V myself.
  11. As requested some further info on specs/size: - Size (cm): 22,5 x 34.0 x 41.5 - Weight: 17 kg - 230 V / 1400 W - 0.5L copper boiler - 1.5L water tank - All made from stainless steel
  12. @Hairy_Hogg I've posted it in the for sale section and will add some specs and size there
  13. Raffael

    Acaia Scales

    Nice one, thanks. Will see if I can cancel or return it.
  14. Raffael

    Acaia Scales

    amazing price, well done!
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