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  1. I just hope the Solo plays a mean tune when I start pumping the bellows.
  2. I hope you're going north of Glasgow not south Yes it's the old north/south of the river battle and I'm from north so have to promote that.
  3. I put mine in today. I can't wait for Niche anymore and from the discussions I've had with BB regarding this grinder, I'm happy to give this a go.
  4. HaggisMoose


    We've got large tress in the garden with tree preservation orders on them so only managed to trim them a bit as not allowed to cut them down or crown them. Sure the neighbours will be happy though when they come down in strong winds on their property.
  5. Cheers for the info as for a bunch of who are wanting for Niche to come on sale need an alternative. The race is on....
  6. I spoke to someone at BB a few weeks ago and they mentioned they were impressed with it so far. Said they were going to offer it to people at the forums here to buy and said price would probably between £359->£499.
  7. Welcome. I'm new here myself.
  8. @Baffo I''m half Scottish and half German Discussing grinders, I was told both Niche and Mignon Specialita would be good with the Lelit. He had both and recommended since I was single dosing to hold out for Niche. Regarding news, yeah I was told about some new machine coming in soon. I think i've seen it mentioned somewhere here on the forums too.
  9. Hi everyone At the start of the year I decided to upgrade my coffee making setup of Delonghi EC685 and KG521.M. I bought a Sage SGP (didn't know about prosumer models) and was going to get a Gaggia Classic Pro. After chatting to a friend, he told me he had sold his Gaggia and was on a Lelit Elizabeth so I got that instead 😀 as with lockdown though I'd have a coffee holiday this year instead. So I've been on on the trusty Lelit Elizabeth for about a month and waiting for Niche Zeros to come up for sale again. Tempted to go for a Mignon due to the wait but talking to someone at BB, he
  10. Some campaigns fail or take a long time to deliver on indiegogo. I'm guessing that is what these trustpilot reviews are writing about as some bad experiences out there on IGG. Others use it as a way to keep selling their product after the campaign ended as it seems an ok way to have an online store. Since Niche are good and deliver then there should be no problems with buying Niche on IGG.
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