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  1. The amount of retention... surprising!
  2. I finally removed the lid and unscrewed the upper part and then cleaned all the coffee from inside the grinder. Now seems that is returning back to the old settings. I grinded at ~1.3 and it was too fine. So, tomorrow will grind a couple more shots and aim for coarser. Retention could have been the actual problem. Only odd now is the grind duration. Do you have the hopper always full or you just put just the beans for the shot?
  3. How long it takes to grind 15gr with your setting? My Specialita also shipped with 9 sec for a double, but that is totally off.
  4. Just checked the touching point now and it is around 0. Don't know where it was before though.. @Mark70 if you grind espresso so fine in the scale, what would you use for Greek or Turkish coffee?
  5. Will clean the grinder and let you know. Btw @RobDGio what can happen if you change the dial without the grinder working?
  6. Yes, first coarser and then finer. Unfortunately, the grinder wasn't running at the time. It's not only the taste difference, there is a lot of channeling and the brew time went down from 30s to 18-20s (for the same input & output 15gr in, ~32gr out).
  7. Two months old Mignon Specialita. I had been using the same beans for the last month and was getting consistent espresso shots with the dial set to 2 (around 18s for 15g). Last night a friend brought some beans for grinding (~300g), so we played a bit with the dial and after finishing I set it back to 2 for my usual beans. Next morning and the place is a mess because of channeling. I grind finer until I have the same results, and the new setting of the dial is now at 0.5. Is that expected? Can anyone explain why this happens and is there a way to restore it back to the initial
  8. May I ask where did you get all the Grace accessories that you mention? (57mm naked portafilter, leveling tool, precission baskets, also tamper with nice wooden handle)
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