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  1. Baffo


    Very much my experience, I can hardly taste the coffee when I use oatly (it does foam nicely though), so I shall follow this with interest. However, keep in mind that people who tried it in the past might not be as good of a judge, since there's quite some Waitrose reviews mentioning they changed the recipe in early 2021. https://www.waitrose.com/ecom/products/rebel-kitchen-mylk-whole-drink/410996-600476-600477
  2. My newbie take: I think the established wisdom works well mostly for "entry level" setups, when people stop drinking instant coffee / pods, and want a coffee machine. The first few hundred £ when going from say a cheap De Longhi to a more expensive machine, say up to an E61 SBDU with PID, give you quality in the cup (in various ways, temp stability, pressure, etc). £1 Cost = £1 quality in the cup (more or less..). Once you have an E61 SBDU and potentially you've fitted flow control on it, spending more to get a more expensive machine works on a different equation, more like " £1 Cos
  3. You have possibly posted THE post that will make me keep the Niche. Mostly because I'm already treading on thin ice with my significant other; she enjoys nice coffee, but she was totally fine with supermarket beans in the De Longhi. She's already having to faff more than she's comfortable with (from spoon ground coffee into pf and give it a random tamp >>> check machine temperature, weight dose, grind, wdt, level, tamp accurately, brew, paddle about if needed, weigh output..), I would be extremely selfish to go for something that is inherently less consistent and which would requ
  4. I wonder why would the carbon cost 80 EUR more than the Black or White when they have the same burrs, same spec, same materials, it's just a different film covering it?
  5. Well they're definitely not flying off the shelves in any colour right now. I myself am not in a rush as I have snatched a Niche and will take my sweet time deciding - I wonder why so much alleged interest and yet so few people have purchased.
  6. I wonder if the "metallic" refers to this version.. We won't know until they update the pictures..
  7. Baffo

    My new l1

    the big question is, are yer guns big enough so that you can film a youtube video with one hand and pull the shot with the other?
  8. The Minima is very pretty but hardly what I'd define as feng shui 🤣
  9. To be honest, ebay gets roughly 10% of your sale price (plus potentially other fees). If £800 was including shipping (which I presume would cost £30 or so), then: £800 - £80 - £30, £690. Considering one pays £509 on IndieGoGo, it's not as extortionate as it might sound by comparing £800 vs £499.
  10. Well of course Bella Barista would say that I'm still torn between the two. But yeah, don't want to derail this thread. I'll probably write a post in the Solo discussion. I had a look on ebay out of curiosity (in case I would end up selling mine..) and I couldn't really see more than 2 or 3 Niche for sale, I thought there'd be more. Are they actually selling, or is it just people putting them for sale and not finding buyers?
  11. Hi Sam, It's difficult to diagnose. Any chance you could record yourself during puck prep and during the shot? That would help greatly. I don't understand, is it that you don't like the coffee or just that you'd like for it to have crema (which, by the way, is just gas really)? Other than this, fast disappearing crema could be a sign that the beans are still too new - when were they roasted?
  12. I'm in a bit of a similar place but as I've started recently I am totally not splurging for a Lagom. I'd like to pick up notes, but I'm generally horrible at this, ie my taste buds are not sensitive that much. Intuitively then the Niche would be the best option, but I see it differently. If I already have issues capturing notes, why then not "help" my taste buds by giving them a little more clarity? At best they'll notice some flavour note, at worst they won't. Dilemmas! *calculates how many Niche does he have to sell on ebay to afford a Lagom*
  13. There must be serious bottlenecks in components affecting them (speculation), if and when that is fixed, they'd probably address their supply (in)capacity. On another note, how come are you thinking of upgrading, flat burrs? Is it more curiosity or you used to have them and you now "miss" them?
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