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  1. Thanks Dutchy - I hadn’t realised! lapis - you will want to grind on demand for espresso each time rather than doing batches. ground coffee goes stale very quickly
  2. I should also say that when I bought it it didn’t mention that there was a small button behind the portafilter holder that when you press, it starts grinding. Great idea!
  3. Yes it fits absolutely fine - let me know if you want a picture with it in.
  4. Being a newbie I hadn’t realised so many people had replied! Thanks all for comments. The replies were mixed so I decided that, given the used price for SGPs was soo strong (circa £130 against £170 cost at John Lewis with discount) I would take the risk and if needs be suffer from upgradeitis in due course. Picked up yesterday so have had a good amount of play on it, with some 20 or so shots pulled through to test and a few cafetieres and one bialetti to test versatility. I will post full thoughts later but initial comments are: - it is so easy to use. I really Think
  5. Hi all I’m new to the forum, having lurked for some time. I’ve recently purchased a gaggia selecta deluxe (it has the chassis of classic but internal parts I believe of a slightly lesser machine) for a very reasonable used priced. I previously about 5 years ago had a gaggia cubika which I never rated but this seems to be steps ahead (it may be that at the time I worked at costa and was used to their machine but haven’t touched a commercial machine in at least 5 years). Thanks to one of the members I’ve already upgraded the steam wand and given a good descale. I have a cuisinart
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