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  1. Very nice @Ozzyjohn. I really enjoyed El Carmen from my last order. Would love to hear your thoughts on Rukira decaf. Best. Andy
  2. Morning @Mrco1. Same here, just completed my order. Thanks again @DavecUK
  3. Thanks Dave. Can I please put my name for white one?
  4. Welcome @Ranibani
  5. Hi @Jony, I'll take both at asking. thanks.
  6. Would you take £25 posted?
  7. I'd like to take espazzolla at asking please.
  8. so you going for 40 or my offer of 45?
  9. I'll take it at asking price please.
  10. Looking forward to try something new next week! Thanks @Coffee by the Casuals for quick delivery👍
  11. Quick delivery and smooth experience on my last purchase of scale and accessories.
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