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  1. Well I decided to take the leap and go with the profitec 700. I thought it would be a investment. It's a lot more than I was ever planning on spending, but I think it should be worth while. I'm just looking forward to getting a machine that works and doesnt keep breaking down. I'm not telling the wife the extra cost though 😂
  2. Hi guys, I have been the sad owner of a Mara X since february where sadly it has spent more time broken with temperature probe and controller faults than it has working. The place I bought it from have offered to upgrade it to a different machine so it's all boxed up waiting to be returned. The reviews etc I have found of the profitec pro700 all seem pretty positive and I can't find many people who have had any issues with the machine. As this is a big upgrade can I ask anyone who has one what their thoughts are of it before I commit to it. I am prepared to spend the extra
  3. Well sad days for myself. Yet again something has gone wrong with my Mara X. I turned it in only to eventually hear hissing and spirting. I went over to the machine and the stream temp is off the scale. Even after turning off and cooling, then turning back on it fails again. Bella barista support is yet again amazing. I think they are fed up with the machines and offering to upgrade to a different manufacture. Not what I expect from the machine. Really really disappointed from Lelit!! I think I am going to see what dual boilers there are as I've lost confidence in the
  4. What is the digital sensor you are using? I might look into getting one. I have not noticed the boiling group that you have shown. My pressure does go up to 1.5 2 bar though. I will have a closer look tomorrow and see what temperature the water is coming out at.
  5. You are a star 🌟 ! Page bookmarked!! I'll get some of the molikote. End of the day if I'm only having to use a small amount every month it will last ages anyway
  6. It is exactly what happened and you would not believe how explosive it was! Everyday is a learning day! I'm going to spend some time watching some of daves videos if i can find them. I don't tend to use YouTube that often as the adverts really annoy me, but I'll grin and bear them for a bit haa haa. I'm also going to see if i can find some of that grease.
  7. Thanks for that. It is very clear in that video
  8. I'm happy to only back flush once a month if that's the general consensus. I thought I was doing the right thing to look after the machine 🤣 Father Christmas is real isn't he? What are you saying his not? 🥺🥺🥺 Like I say its easy enough once you know the information on what to do, but when you initially start you expect to get the basics on how to look after a product from the manufacturers manual. What is in this manual is just plain wrong.
  9. I wouldn't say boring! They may be boring to someone who isn't interested in coffee but not to someone who is interested in the hobby. I personally feel a lot of this information should be in the manual though. It doesn't mention there are 3 positions for the group owner so I've just used the neutral and pour position as i never knew the full stop position was there! The cleaning cycle time is obviously also incorrect and so is the information about lubing. I personally think for the money spent they should at least provide correct instructions otherwise someone is going to
  10. I didn't know anything about lubing. The manual says that the Coffee oils do it? This is what I mean though, from a novice point of view the place where most users get their info from would be the manual, but it's clear that there are different opinions?
  11. I make roughly 4 to 8 double espresso a day. As for cleaning im just doing what the manual said lol
  12. No my machine seems to have 3 positions 1st is a off position where the handle always goes to. 2nd position up to pump 3rd position feels like it is against a spring where you have to push fully down which releases pressure and once you let go of the handle it goes back to position 1.
  13. Today I performed my first weekly clean on my Mara X. All was going well performing the back flush "put 1 bag of puly into the blind basket and then flush for 10 seconds then stop for 10 seconds, ten times". Then it came to the next stage "remove portafilter and rinse". Although it seems obvious now, it didn't mention there is a build up of pressure in the basket and lowering the handle releases that pressure. Subsequently the moment I removed the portafilter the thing exploded as it released the built up pressure, sending the hot cleaning solution in to my face and a
  14. I'm glad I'm not the only one haa haa. Most of my friends are really interested in hearing about the coffee, however everyone so far has died with shock horror when I tell them the cost. Ultimately getting great coffee at a fraction of the chain cafe price, should start seeing a return. I have just changed to different coffee beans and I'm surprised to see how much difference is made. I've had to completely adjust the grind again as I have found the grind that worked with my last lot of beans is too fine for these new beans. It probably sounds silly to you guys who have mor
  15. I thought I would give my view on my Mara X after my initial fault which resulted in the temperature probe and control unit being replaced under warranty. first some insight to my espresso experience. For years I used nespresso to make coffee until I got bored with the flavour and texture of the coffee, not matching that of a cafe. I then recently (reluctantly admit) researched expresso machine, only to find out they are called espresso machines! I then bought a cheap espresso machine made by Swan to see if I liked it and whether it was something I could into, which I did so dec
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