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  1. I'm another fresh MaraX owner and i've also been surprised at the amount of water hitting the drip tray. From a single cycle of switch on, heat up, pull a double espresso, steam some milk, switch off, cool down, I measured 250ml in the drip tray. Only a small fraction of the water ends up in your cup. It wouldn't be a concern with tap water but using bottled water it adds up. I'm attempting the mod this week-end.
  2. I was in the exact same situation a few days ago. With no pressurised basket I was struggling to get the recommended shot times and I needed to add milk to hide the acidity. I found in the end that slightly over-stuffing the single-shot basket gave enough resistance and longer shot times. So try experimenting with bigger doses. My next bag of pre-ground came from Heart & Graft who grinds to two different levels for espresso. I chose the ≥9 bar option and now I can brew normally with the regular double-shot baskets. My grinder arrived today so no more pre-ground for me. Taking a b
  3. Wise words indeed! I'll try and keep my wits about me. Looking at the 'for sale' section it seems well respected gear keep their value well. I don't see the discounts I was hoping for. I'm I right in thinking there were better deals to be had before lock-down? And sorry about that quote - I made a real mess of it. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it one day.
  4. Hi All. Dag from Cheshire here - and I have never pulled a shot. I took me a long time to appreciate coffee. I would get a latte from Starbucks every now and then without reflecting much on its quality and I had a Nespresso machine at home. But when I started my current job I got into the habit of having a cappuccino every morning and with lunch from the coffee shop at work. And occasionally - maybe a couple of times a week - I would think "Wow, that's a nice coffee!". Then lock-down and working from home happened. Nespresso was a poor substitute, but I'd be back in the office in a f
  5. @CoffeePhilE: Ah, yes - there is that. I've been buying other gear from eBay and other marketplaces for a long time so I know a bit of due diligence is needed. Still, you do get burnt now and then. Thanks - I'm getting there 😀 And I am keeping an eye on the sale section. Would rather buy from here than from eBay.
  6. I'm looking at buying my first espresso set-up, coming from Nespresso currently. I know the learning curve will be steep and I'm thinking that 2nd-hand gear of higher quality will be easier to learn on compared to new gear at the same price point. Better temperature and pressure control and so on will take some of the variables out of the equation. I would hate to get started, then struggle to achieve consistent quality drinks, get frustrated and give up, if the inconsistent results were partly due to the equipment. That's why I'll most likely go with used equipment initially.
  7. I found this forum through Google, searching for info on espresso makers. I signed up yesterday after reading posts on and off for a week or so.
  8. That's a lot of useful information in one place. It must have taken a long time to put together. Much appreciated!
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