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  1. Purchased 2nd hand about 6 months ago Have removed shower plate and holder. Wasn't much behind, but gave it a good clean. Have also descaled. Haven't tried backflushing and not sure how to. Presume you need to have a block or similar in the filter basket ? Without the portafilter in place the water passes through in a steady shower like manner. After cleaning I tried again and first cup was ok, but only one side of the portafilter was passing coffee the other side was a slow drip). Tried a second cup and virtually nothing at all. Tried pre-ground coffee and seems to w
  2. I have recently purchased a dualit burr grinder to use with my gaggia classic, but I find it takes ages for coffee to pass through the filter. If I use the grinder on the finest setting I don't get any coffee through the filter. If I use a coarser setting it will pass through slowly with very little crema. Previously I used pre-ground coffee which produced good results.... Any thoughts......
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