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  1. Just tried connecting the wires to the Pam controller in different input and output pins but the result remains unchanged. Unfortunately I believe I bought the wrong dimmer. surely it can't work if you supply alternated current instead of Direct current as it was originally designed. No smoke whatsoever, the device doesn't even get hot or anything, it's just letting the current pass through (proof of that is the little LED light that doesn't turn on). I'm maybe gonna buy another dimmer in the future and try it out. I would really like to play with some preinfusion.
  2. Hi again! I wanted to let you know that after putting the boiler in the oven at 100°C for like 45 minutes my old trusty Gaggia is working perfectly like a charm! Actually the "bad" thermostat wasn't even a problem. The machine worked even with the thermostat loose from its metal housing. I honestly think it wasn't really broken, maybe some glue came loose or something and I honestly think it's very easy to make the two parts come loose since the pin connectors of the wires are very tight and need a lot of force to be plied off. So if in the future something like that may happen to other p
  3. Who said that? But there are channels I think like whole latte love that sometimes show professionals doing repairs and whatnot, and still they often don't explain what to not avoid. I don't mean to accuse anyone or to say that there should be some instructions around the internet somewhere. I just find it great when someone finds out about something and shares it with other people. And that is also what I'm trying to achieve with this forum. I am by no mean an expert but I could now help other people that had my same problem.
  4. Thank you a lot guys, I'm gonna do everything as you told me to. Wish I knew these things earlier, unfortunately they are not really described in any YouTube videos or tutorials. I'm gonna keep you updated about everything ; )
  5. But I am actually pretty sure that the fuse is perfectly fine: The machine still works if I unplug the heating element. I can still press the brew button and the pump will work, and also the 3-way-solenoid works perfectly fine. It's just when I plug the wires to the 145°C Thermostat and to the heating elements than there's a shortage as soon as I press the I/O button. Here is a wiring diagram of my exact model of Gaggia. I did this myself so I'm sure there are no mistakes.
  6. I did my best to handle the fuse as carefully as possible, and would honestly like to know if a person can normally see if the fuse is bad (if it's like a light bulb in the inside it should clearly be visible when the fuse is broken I suppose). If that is true I will check if the fuse is still ok. Yes I did soak the boiler in water+descaler and rubbed it good, so I assume there must have been some water in the terminals. I have now heated the boiler with a powerful hair dryer until it's as hot as you can't even touch it. I am repeating that for maybe a week until I'm sure all the damp
  7. Hi all I have today taken apart every component in my Gaggia Classic 2002 and descaled everything thoroughly. I have taken off the thermal cutoff for the steam thermostat and the notice that the upper part made out of plastic spins freely from the metal Hex housing. So normally you can screw the thermostat in just by turning the two little pins at the top (where the wires connect) but with this one you can spin it loose without the screw actually to turn. Is there a way I can fix that? does it work nonetheless? (I don't want to overshoot the temperature causing other problems)
  8. Yeah that I believe to be maybe the little rubber ball inside the pump or some orings that maybe are worn out, I don't really know but I do believe it's strange. Also while brewing sometime I hear it "pulsating" and I can see a difference in the flow while extracting. There is no flow coming out of the OPV valve, and no I cannot unscrew the Hex head with the barbed end, it's somehow stuck. That I don't know, I bought it second hand like that. I'm planning to set the pump free from those zip ties as soon as possible Because I didn't want to burn myself and there was no n
  9. The opv is locked I believe, the hose is quite dry and also the barbed fitting is dry and shows some white powder as I could tell. I definitely want to open the boiler and descale it part by part. As of now the machine doesn't show any problem: solenoid valve is working perfectly, flow at brew head is very good, also if I completely open the steam nob and press the brew button water comes out from both ends (brew head and steam wand). In the video I was opening and closing the steam nob in order to simulate a dynamic flow (as with a coffee puck) and as I expected the pump behaves very
  10. Hello Michael I have done exactly what you told me to do and also found out my pump behaviour is somewhat strange, can you please have a look at this other post I made on this forum? That would help me a lot. Thank you! -- here is the link:
  11. Hi all! I mounted my pressure gauge to my portafilter to my Gaggia Classic 2002 today because I wanted to adjust the opv valve. I have tried as best as I can to turn the screw of the head of the opv valve, but I found out it to be stuck. No matter the force applied I could not get it to turn. I believe it must be clogged with scale since the opv also doesn't open at any given pressure (also 14 bar pressure). What I noticed afterwards by checking with my pressure gauge was that the machine behaves a bit strangely (watch the linked YouTube video) : The pressure rumps up to around
  12. Ah I was forgetting: I also have a scan of the hole where coffee comes out of the grinder. If you print it at 100% scale you should be able to have the exact shape of the hole with the screws. 20210309191718.pdf
  13. Hello Fab, Yes I have actually completed the mod successfully and I'm very happy how it turned out, I am gonna send you some pictures of the end result. I have to say it's hard to cut out the holes thru this fudge funnel. I used a Dremel to do that with proper eye protection and mask and I was able to do it on the floor of my kitchen although it was quite messy. I suggest you to do it in the open air and to do that with the right equipment. The Dremel actually worked out great for me, I was also able to sand down the burrs and give it a nice smooth finish. Overall it's a very doable
  14. Thank you. I will do that and will update this post, I am either way planning to tear every piece apart and clean it thoroughly, I am guessing there is quite a bit of scale buildup inside although I can't notice any sign of clogging. Do you know the Durgol Swiss Espresso descaler? I've got 2x 125ml bottles and I'm asking myself if it's enough.
  15. I honestly don't think that's really the case since the leakage is minimal. I have seen many other YouTube videos where water sprays out of the connection. Of course I have used Teflon tape on the connections, and plenty of it also. I have also used some O-Rings. The opv does not open at all in my case, not even at 14 bar. You can clearly see that in the end of the video where I put the opv hose into a cup and not a single drop of water is let out. I will give it another try and will make the seals even tighter and more leak-proof, in order to be sure it's not from the pressu
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