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  1. This item is now (as good as) sold.
  2. Sorry, didn't realise you had to put a price. As Norvin has offered £130, i'm happy with that, so that is the price. Unless I cannot agree the sale, it will be sold to Norvin.
  3. Hi everyone, have previously put this machine in the valuations section so a few people have already expressed an interest. After taking it apart to clean a couple of years ago (gave all copper pipes/boiler a good acid descale) I couldn't get some of the nuts/bolts undone on solenoid valve/heating element of boiler etc and when put it back together the water tank was leaking. To send back to Fracino for a full service was £250 + shipping. I know they charge £34 + VAT for a water tank and connections and any other parts it required I was looking at approx £400. It cost £800 ish in 2012 and
  4. I wouldn't want anywhere near that for it, as it needs a new water tank and probably various seals/gaskets which will have seized up.
  5. 🤣 surprised it lasted 6 years before it broke to be honest.
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