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  1. Hi Thanks for all the further comments. In fairness, I don’t replace the water in that boiler as often as I probably should then. Hopefully then it might just be a scale issue. Re my caution comment, I should probably clarify I meant ‘over descaling’ with references I’ve seen over the years to damaging the machine. Thanks again Mark
  2. Thanks again v much. Thanks for the tip re the weld. I did look into solder at the time but I didn’t really feel I confidently knew how to do it and the tools needed. I’ve not done it before and couldn’t find anything very useful online (eg videos). It is something I’d like to do though, I don’t imagine the JB weld will last long term. thanks for that re the temp sensor, I don’t think I’ve ever looked at it or cleaned it up. I’ll also double check the wires. I live in Essex but use bottled water (presently ashbeck English from Tesco). I used to use a Brita filter and descale every month or so in the first few years of owning the machine but now rarely bother descaling given all the caution against it on sites like this.
  3. Hi DavecUK, Thanks for this. I should probably mention that prior to installing the new over pressure valve, I had a hissing leak just near where it attaches to. I repaired this with JB weld as shown. Not sure if it would be of relevance to this problem but I mention it just in case. I’ve also replaced the PID this year. Mark
  4. Hi, Sorry if this is covered in another post but twice in the last 6 months I’ve had the over pressure valve on my Alex Mark 2 activate (almost giving me a heart attack in the process). This has happened since I replaced the valve using one from Bella Barista (who told me which one to get so it should be the right one). The machine is 10 years old and aside from this, in very good working order. The steam boiler had been on for several hours and I hadn’t checked the pressure just before it exploded (but assume it was well above normal). just before it happened, I was about to make a flat white so put on the steam for a little bit to dry it out. It was quite wet. However, the water level sensor is pushed right down (and not long ago cleaned and descaled) and I hadn’t pulled any steam that day so not surprised it was wet. Since the first time it happened, I turned down the steam temp but now it’s happened again, I’m worried there is a fault I’ve not thought of. If anyone has any experience of this problem and the solution that would be great. Mark
  5. Hi, Here it is. Couldn’t figure out adding photos until just now!
  6. (My apologies if I repeat anything from Philip’s excellent review) I too have picked up a Helios 80 (chrome) upgraded from a mazzer super jolly. I have had it one week and noticed straightaway a really big improvement in extraction quality and consistency. Using a bottomless filter, my results have been excellent with no noticeable channelling. I’m consistency either spot on or within 1 or 2 grams of the weight of the double shot I’m aiming for. I have though recently bought and have been using the Londonium distribution tool which might be having an impact (although I still have a great improvement whether I use that tool or not). I’ve been using the hopper with my bag of coffee in it rather than putting in 18g each time (which I did with the super jolly). I’ve had to adjust the grind very minimally over the week as the coffee ages. I’m getting 18g ground coffee in around 2.55 seconds which is incredible. Also besides the high functionality, the machine is a beauty to look at, especially at it matches the chrome of my Izzo Alex. The light on it is always on which looks nice and being able to change of the interface colour is a nice touch too (eg I’ve made it blue to match the PID on my Izzo). I’d be interested in due course to upgrade the burrs and perhaps get a blow out dark hopper. However, although the grinder has a setting to measure maintenance timescales for different burrs (eg diamond, redspeed), as far as I can tell, I don’t think any other burrs are on sale anywhere yet (?). Also, I’m not sure the blow up hoppers on the market fit the helios. Thanks
  7. Update 21/1/21. I have this afternoon received the grinder in the chrome as ordered which, although I’ve not ground any coffee yet, appears to be in working order. As overall feedback, my comments to JavaHub is to improve lines of communication with customers with regular updates so that they need not chase. Being forced to chase for updates caused me significant concern in my case given all that is available to read about other people’s negative experiences (on here and Trust Pilot) on purchases other than coffee. This was especially the case given the item I bought was almost £1000. Thanks and all the best to anyone else awaiting products or refunds.
  8. Hi Danny, Thank you for engaging in this forum and for today providing confirmation of shipping. I do look forward to receiving the the DPD shipping number which (by email) you have advised me will be provided once the item has been scanned, usually 5pm.
  9. I ordered a grinder on 29th December 2020 (stupidly) before reading all the alarming reviews on here and trust pilot. I then emailed the company saying I had read alarming reviews and wanted confirmation that the item I ordered is actually in stock. I got an email response back immediately saying it was in stock but would take up to 7 working days to dispatch. After that 7 days had ended, I chased for an update and was told that it was due to be dispatched the following Thursday (14th jan). The day before it was due to be despatched I received an email from Danny saying that the hopper has a crack on it, and that a new one is being ordered from Europe. I was given to the portion to either wait for that or accept a black version instead of chrome plus discount (which I really don’t want as I have a chrome coffee machine). I responded saying I would just be happy to take delivery of it with a cracked hopper as I plan to upgrade the hopper anyway. Since then, I have chased a response a number of times without anything but the standard “we have your email etc” responses in return. In light of the significant concerns on here and Trust Pilot, that hardly fills me full of confidence. I have now advised them that if they cannot fulfil my order within 72 hours then I require a refund immediately. if I don’t get a response (or a satisfactory response), I will it seems have to take steps to seek recovery in the county court as I paid on a debit card and think contacting trading standards etc is a likely a waste of time. Court proceedings would be very straightforward and I am a lawyer anyway. I’d rather not do that but I’m not waiting weeks or months for a satisfactory outcome here. This company has already had almost a £1000 of my money since December and I could very well be already enjoying the same grinder for a little more money from another company.
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