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  1. Perfecto Coffee in Bristol sell Izzo machines, both domestic and commercial, might be worth giving them a shout? https://perfectocoffee.co.uk/
  2. Is there such a thing as an easily empty-able teapot for loose leaf tea? I've never found one that isn't a mess/faff to get the leaves out, even ones with a basket/filter. Any thoughts?
  3. I used a Rocky with a Silvia for the last couple of years. You should be able to get an excellent espresso, don't worry! As others have said, it looks like you're grinding too coarse. I found that my grinder was usually set between 6 and 8, depending on the beans. What is your dial set to?
  4. Ah yes! If in doubt, watch one of Dave's vids! (I'm not taking the P, I've watched loads, they're great!)
  5. I have one. I'm really pleased with it. I've had it for a month and it seems to be settling in nicely. Any minor clumps that appeared initially have now disappeared and I'm left with lovely fluffy grinds. I don't single dose, I use the hopper and keep around 50-100g in it. So how would you go about figuring out its retention? As is, it works best with a weight of beans in the hopper, so would it not give a false reading if I were to only add and grind a single dose?
  6. @HVL87 Well, I didn’t know that! Thanks for the iOS tips too!!
  7. @DavecUK It's here! And it works! Thank you 😄 And please pass on my thanks to Tait!
  8. Camping AND coffee? Sounds like a perfect getaway!
  9. This is another female-owned roastery, local to me. I get their subscription (their current house blend Nothing But Flowers is delicious!), they also have their own bike couriers This week they are raising funds for Many Minds - a Bristol based charity focussing on mental health: www.blindowlcoffee.com/equipment/many-minds
  10. Thought I'd share a couple of women-focused coffees/companies. This is a small roastery founded by two women and who only source coffee from female producers. They relaunched their website today and their coffees are excellent: girlswhogrindcoffee.com Also, Extract have their annually released coffee, Betty, as always, sourced from a female producer: extractcoffee.co.uk/2021/03/betty-honduras-coffee-beans Please add any more you know of!
  11. I am hopeless when it comes to using my hand to gauge the temp - 65 degree milk is way too hot for me. It's thermometer all the way, or we just get tepid milk
  12. An excellent compromise! Without it actually being a compromise My OH is exactly the same, he really appreciates a good coffee, but is pretty uninterested in how it arrives in his cup
  13. We barbeque all year! We just eat it indoors when it's cold out! It's just the two of us too. We have a basic Weber kettle and have recently bought an outdoor oven too. A chimney starter has become an essential, you don't need any sort of lighting fluids or similar, just your charcoal and a bit of paper. Try and buy good quality charcoal without any 'quick lighting' stuff, your food will taste so much better for it. Don't be afraid to cook your meat 'dirty' i.e. straight on the coals. Steaks and chops taste AMAZING. Start with the basics and you'll soon be roasting and smoking too!
  14. Would you consider £20 posted?
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