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  1. I got mine from clumsy goat very good service quick delivery.
  2. Just wanted to say that I've had very good experience with them. Brought a grinder it was delivered in two days and was very well packed I've had a email checking everything was OK and if I was pleased with my purchase. Top service I'd say.
  3. I was having this dilemma SGP vs Mignon and I then looked at the Mignon crono which I ordered and so pleased I did does the job wonderful lovely little grinder. There's a notch on the front to reference and numbers on the nob just got to remember how many times around to get to where you want. And less money than the SGP!
  4. Hello help needed I'm looking at these two I like the look and ease of use than the sgp has but the reliability issues I've read is the only thing putting me off. As to the crono up side build quality but will it go fine enough and the adjustment is putting me off a little. I'm using a brevile barista mini double walled basket I know but the best but a much appreciated Christmas gift. Any opinions are much appreciated.
  5. Thank you for you input, and yes used to be a smoke many 🌙 ago but still proud I'm not now but with all this choice🤔
  6. Hello to all, this will be my first upgrade from my recently deceased cheap grinder I've got a budget of around £200 I know it won't get a lot but as I'm bang on sage money is this the best/ only choice? I do like a bit of different brew methods any help would be much appreciated as my head hurts lol
  7. Newbie just reading and getting a headache but I'm sure you've all been there.
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