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  1. Yes, quite a few Funnel/Bellows devices on Etsy/Ebay, but in the end, square peg, round hole, literally in this case: With the frequency i change coffee, I really need to sell the Specialita and buy a Niche Zero... if I could find one!
  2. I have a 3 month old Specialita and it's excellent: I'd certainly agree regarding retainage. I can weigh in 18.1g and be confident I'll get 18.0-18.1 out, but I've also experienced issues when single dosing with lighter roasted beans, which need to be ground much finer unless you add significant quantity of beans in the hopper; - single dosing doesn't cut it. I like to switch between coffees during the same day, which is problematic in this scenario; emptying the hopper, purging, re-loading etc.. This is why I'm looking for a Niche...!
  3. I'm considering adding an oversized baby's teething ring (weight 200g) to the beans in the hopper, once they get below 1/3 full (patent pending haha) to fool the Mignon into thinking there's a full hopper! It would be too large to be ground down and should provide a nice even spread of weight. result: consistent grinds! Hmmm wonder if it's been done...? That's an oversized ring by the way, not an oversized baby, but I digress! I mention this because once I get below 1/3 full, the old symptoms of single dosing return: finer and finer grind with each shot... this seems to be comm
  4. One final question; how do I compensate for the effect of the diminishing hopper - I assume I'll need to grind progressively finer as the contents reduce? No other trick re temperature surfing which might help the extraction?
  5. Good point, Rob! I was single dosing due to convenience/laziness very happily with the dark roasts. I just switched to a full hopper and the same settings gave me 16g in, 36g out in 46s... sublime to the ridiculous, but now I can so I can coarsen the over-tight grind and bring things back to a more palatable window. Yesterday was under extracted and sour, this one over extracted and bitter. The truth as always, lies somewhere between. Thanks guys @BlackCatCoffee @ajohn for all the advice; I'd overlooked the single-dosing effect on density of the grounds. Good lesson!
  6. Hi guys, I need some help and advice, as I'm struggling to get decent results from a new Light/Medium Roast bean (Beacon, by Foundation Roasters). I've used a combination of Gaggia Classic 2019 (new) and Eureka Mignon Specialita for the past 2 months with decent success, using mainly dark and forgiving roasts; examples including Pact Coffee's Zaroca, @BlackCatCoffee Twilight, Chocolate Point, Fazenda Terra Prata and Ilona Decaf and Union Revelation. Barring occasional variations I've had excellent results. Gaggia Classic is stock, except the 9bar mod from @MrShades . No PID, although tha
  7. It'll be my first try, once it's escaped the Airscape!
  8. Freshly arrived from the fine guys at @BlackCatCoffee
  9. A half kilo of the good stuff from @BlackCatCoffee - Thanks David!
  10. I’m sure we’ve all struggled when faced with new kit, particularly when it’s all new! In my case, this means a new Gaggia Classic 2019, a Eureka Mignon Specialita and a bundle of La Marzocco baskets. Each of these alone might have presented a challenge, but together, it’s been interesting. Initially I blamed the variable results on my incompetence and the Specialita, as there’s enough evidence on this forum relating to how that can perform when new. Then, there’s the OPV and temperature issues of the Gaggia. In the end, the breakthrough came with fitting one of @MrShades 9 bar OPV kits.
  11. Ridiculous bargain, really. I spent quite a while peering through them today, admiring the quality 😄. Night and day vs the Gaggia stock items.
  12. La Marzocco baskets in 14, 17 and 21g from Coffee Hit. Bargain too!
  13. from Planetary Design, via the nice and immensely wealthy Mr Bezos. Prime...
  14. Just ordered 500g of Chocolate Point - Looking forward to trying it, now I've finished the last of the Pact Zaroca. The new GC and Specialita managed 17g in, 34g out in 24.2s today: not bad at all, but get the feeling I'll benefit from the OPV kit (waiting to be installed) and PID (waiting to purchase) from Mr Shades.
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