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  1. This rattling was driving me mad, and six of these little pads for £3 has fixed it. Thanks for who recommended these - apologies for not remembering who it was! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Small-CLEAR-RUBBER-FEET-BLACK-CLEAR-SELF-ADHESIVE-Sticky-Pads-DOMED-BUMPERS/233733431198
  2. Americano - the simplest espresso drink! (Or is it?) (Yes.) I'm sure we're all agreed espresso into hot water, but what are your ratios? Is a Lungo (allongé in France) the way to go - with something like a 50 - 60g shot (from 18g)? Making the grind coarser to get it out in around 35 seconds? And then how much water? 150g? 18g in a 200g drink seems maybe a little high, so maybe add more like 200g liquid? Are there those who think you might as well use a filter machine? We won't mention adding milk here. Those people can have their own thread (of shame).
  3. I use mine all the time. Showed that (Lelit Grace's limited) pre-infusion worthwhile, as is WDT and a bit of tapping. And, to be fair, the Extract Cast Iron Espresso espresso I had earlier was very good. 🤯
  4. And after saying that, Ive just really enjoyed Extract's "Cast Iron" espresso. Strong and coffee-like, but with 'other things' going on to keep it interesting. Great latte art @Tinkstar - I need to look into that next. We don't have many (oat) milky drinks, but when they do, I steam the milk in the cup and add the espresso in on top (single boiler machine and lack of knowledge). @Mrboots2u - (not for a long time) Around halfway through my parents' visit, my dad will sign "Do you have beer that tastes like beer?" @DavecUK - coffee seems to be the hardest product to describe. Ta
  5. @Mrboots2u - re: Bailies, of course. That's my point. We enjoyed a decade of Americano from the B2C. I liked the espresso, but felt the grind wasn't fine enough to really get it. All beans came out similar, and upgrading grinder & machine has definitely made the beans seem different. Just not as "better" as we'd hoped. Rarely drink coffee Out as we're mean. There will always be a place for Mighty White - lots of people enjoy it on a bacon sandwich - but an artisan bread is clearly better. No one buys artisan bread and asks why it's not like Mighty White. But there won't be ma
  6. @Uriel4953- to be honest, for 3x the cost in kit and beans, I kinda was hoping for the world's best espresso. Or something noticeably better. @Tinkstar - I can do a bit of the "I'm getting blueberries, paraffin, tears" in other foodstuffs - that's what I'm after! - but I seem to find them disgusting in coffee. Bailies LSOL range seemed an inexplicable attempt to make something nice (coffee) taste like something disgusting (floral tea)
  7. Thanks John I dropped to 90C as Twilight recommended there - 94 would be normal so will push it up. OPV very difficult to adjust on the Lelit (pressure is set so high so ESE pods work, grr). I did have a time manually reducing each shot's pressure via the wand valve, but was dissuaded. Incorrect pressure can't be helping. Yes, beer and wine are quite simple processes, and made by trained professionals. Nobody tries to make bourbon with instructions off a forum. My grumble isn't that I can't get anything decent out. I'll accept it's sometimes better than Lidl beans in a B2C.
  8. - It's not a particular taste problem, just not getting it. I'm not sure I could tell bitter from acid anyway. If you drink a can of John Smiths, then a craft IPA, you don't know why it's better, you just know it is. - Black - All sorts. Mostly darker. Currently Extract 'Espresso' - I can sort of get the fruityness, but it's not overly pleasant. Before that Bailies Umbra - just not nice. Before that the disappointing batch of Twilight. Before that the decent Coffee Compass dark range although, again, we're not going "Wow, where have you been all my life?" - Lelit Grace / Eure
  9. i) Don't worry about seeming condescending - I work in IT support, so am condescending all day. If you dish it out you have to be able to take it. 😀 All those figures are approx, and will change a little. I just meant that my production is in the right ballpark. The problem isn't "too bitter" or "too sour" - just "How is this 'better' coffee? I preferred the B2C output" ii) I think the LSOD ones aren't for me, I can move on. The V60 will come in handy somewhere (am going to try a coffee cocktail with it at the weekend). iii) Americano would be about 45g coffee added to 125g hot w
  10. I'm late to this thread, but it struck a chord with me. I'm 2 months in, and for the money spent (£1000!) it's been (bean!) a disappointment. For me personally, speciality coffee has not shown the step up in quality of craft beer, homemade bacon, sourdough, chocolate, home smoking, or in fact any other foodstuff. (Had a Delonghi B2C for 12 years.) I was a teenage wuss, but I've even managed to get into weightlifting at home in my late 40s. I can "do" hobbies. We mostly drink Americano, and my ladywife is now getting pissed off with it being at best drinkable, at worst horrib
  11. After about 10kg, I thought I'd give this a go. My top tips are: -A socket set (11mm piece) is really handy for turning the lower burr - If your burrs aren't aligned, you'll probably notice the burrs touching for half the turn - When you've brought the burrs together to rub, take a photo of the results! Easy to forget which side needed adjusting in all the excitement - My lower definitely needed adjusting - the upper one seemed fine once lower was adjusted. My contact point is now around zero - the big question is - "Will I notice any difference"?
  12. I really liked these last time I had them, not so sure with the bag I just got (and I've got a kilo of it!) Anyone else have any roasted about 2w ago? Maybe a bit more bitter, less Other flavours beyond the Chocolate?
  13. Thank you all for the replies. Ive been doing this wand thing a few weeks now, so maybe it's worth me stopping for a few weeks to see what happens. I do worry about the puck being smashed by 11bar of pressure, but I'll give it a go ...
  14. Interesting reply @Zorkin, thanks Yes, bottomless PF has been useful to show no channelling going on - go on then, I'll switch off pre-infusion for a few and use machine pressure for a few, although I'm as worried by effect of over-pressure on taste (over-extraction) than about channelling. Agreed on upgrading basket, and my distribution is feeling good. The funnel is great (though sadly no use to me) but can you tell me more about the "micro dots"? I Google'd and found myself in some LSD sub-reddits. I have never seen such a thing - could you post a link please? They could
  15. I posted on here a few weeks ago about how my Grace brews around 11bar, so I've made a video showing how I'm using the steam wand valve to reduce the pressure. I'm genuinely curious to know what you think, and whether the rest of my workflow looks OK. Video covers: - Proof the OPV is set too high (and admission that its adjustment is too complex) - Why this matters (err, channelling) - How to do it - Results using naked PF - The terrible consequences of following Lelit's "grind coarser" advice (60g out in 18s)
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