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  1. Hi everyone Just taken ownership of the ECM Mechanika V Slim. I have a long narrow (clear) pipe, but unsure where it fits. Water reservoir possibly over bottom nipple?? No mention/pictures in instruction manual. Watched enough videos this past 12 months, just unsure where it should be go!!
  2. Thanks all for your guidance. Yes, I probably will invest in a naked Portafilter. As we both enjoy good coffee, I will take your advice and (try to) perfect my doubles!!...18/36 out!
  3. Thanks for the info. About to order a new ECM V Slim. I know it is shipped with double/ single baskets/Portafilters, but very little is said about single shots & possibly upgrading to a VST/IMS single basket for those of us only wanting a single.
  4. Thanks for that, so which basket (any particular make) for single?
  5. Apart from the stock single baskets, would I be correct in thinking the 12/18gm baskets (IMS) would be suitable for a single shot at say 12 gm. Don't want to be always pulling doubles. Advice please.
  6. Thanks Guys, have read similar regarding the less fortunate with Caffe Italia. Pgarrish, yes I will take your (and others) advice regarding a cheaper machine but with a 'better' grinder. Always looking at BB, and will probably take a trip and see these machines in the flesh as it were. Black Cat are near to me, and I keep an eye out on their site. I will also look at Salford Roasters. Because I have limited space I am quite driven towards the Lelit Mara, so by getting that I will have the extra cash to put towards a better grinder. I have mentioned a Eureka Silenzio or Specialita...how does that sound?
  7. At least an HX machine, but a dual boiler would be nice?? Should I be looking for PID or is this over rated? Don't mind pulling a cooling flush. Was initally looking at Eureka Silenzio, but maybe save a few pounds and opt for Bezzera BB005? Yes have looked at Lelit machine, so much choice.
  8. Yes recently...best buys/recommended...He finally got down to 2, including Profi 500
  9. I have been looking at various machines for the past year or so. Budget around £1200-£1300. Shortlisted to Profitec 500 with PID, or ECM Mechanica Slim. (Bella Barista) But now I have just started to look into the La Spaziale Vivaldi Mini ( £1200) Coffee Italia with double boiler. Any advice would be gratefully recieved.
  10. Thanks all for your comments. Yes I have looked at Blackcatcoffee for the Bezzera. Looked at many machines this past few months. The Lelit Mara has been a more recent addition. Need to check on space once we have moved to our new property. (Probably a deciding factor). Will also be making a journey to BB. Until then I will carry on with my research!
  11. Thanks Rincewind......mmm, see what you mean.
  12. Vibiemme are advertised on the www.coffeeitalia.co.uk page. I also like the look of this machine. Very traditional. Hope this helps
  13. Hoped this make might have been listed under Espresso Machines. Not seen a lot of info regarding this machine ie present users. My budget is in the area of £1200-£1400. With a PID this machine seems like a good buy. Does anybody out there presently use one, if so how do you rate it? Thanks for any input/pointers. For the money is there a machine I should definitely be looking at?
  14. Hi all, just wondering if the New Facile replaces the Silenzio, both 50mm burrs. The Facile being quite a bit cheaper though???
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