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  1. Thanks all for your comments. Yes I have looked at Blackcatcoffee for the Bezzera. Looked at many machines this past few months. The Lelit Mara has been a more recent addition. Need to check on space once we have moved to our new property. (Probably a deciding factor). Will also be making a journey to BB. Until then I will carry on with my research!
  2. Thanks Rincewind......mmm, see what you mean.
  3. Vibiemme are advertised on the www.coffeeitalia.co.uk page. I also like the look of this machine. Very traditional. Hope this helps
  4. Hoped this make might have been listed under Espresso Machines. Not seen a lot of info regarding this machine ie present users. My budget is in the area of £1200-£1400. With a PID this machine seems like a good buy. Does anybody out there presently use one, if so how do you rate it? Thanks for any input/pointers. For the money is there a machine I should definitely be looking at?
  5. Hi all, just wondering if the New Facile replaces the Silenzio, both 50mm burrs. The Facile being quite a bit cheaper though???
  6. Only just seen these posts, I will be in the market for my first grinder & was looking at either the Mignon Silenzio or for the larger burrs the Specialita. Has the new Facile replaced the Silenzio??
  7. Haven't even bought my Espresso Machine as yet, but from the videos we have seen, we will be purchasing the Mignon Silenzio.....nice & quiet with added good looks.
  8. Thanks everyone for your quick replies, interesting note there from Cuprajake regarding IMS baskets, and yes would probably look for a second hand one. Just seen the reply from MediumRoast...interesting.
  9. Hi everyone, for the last few months I have been delving into the world of Coffee Machines. The more I read, the more there is to learn. I often see references made to VST baskets. Now from what I have read, these baskets produce more precision/extraction. As a beginner would anybody recommend one of these (I believe to be used in a bottomeless portafilter) or is there no rush and to just be satisfied with the standard baskets? Thanks
  10. Hi Emily, thanks for the welcome😊We are waiting to move house so haven't yet bought the machine. I'll hang on until we are settled. But,yes I am expecting a steep learning curve! But hopefully the journey will be enjoyable.
  11. Hi all, glad to have found such a wealth of knowledge on all areas of Coffee production. My earliest memories of the 'aroma' of Coffee were back in the mid 60's, a Coffee Roasters opposite the train station in Eastbourne (my birthplace) I've never drank lots of Coffee, but when I do, I like it to taste like Coffee if that makes sense. Up to now we are just using a Tassimo. After a fair bit of looking and research, I'm pretty certain I will be opting for the Bezzera Magica HX PID,with a Mignon Silenzia (the wife actually found this) In the meantime I will continue to visit the forum and
  12. Hi everyone, I am looking for Picardie Tumblers, really for Cortado's. Yes I have looked online but am only seeing packs of 6. I just want to buy them singularly, say a 4.5oz for Cortado, and a couple for Flat White & Latte. Basically a couple of each. Anybody got any recommendations? Thanks
  13. Deegee Thanks for that. I think you have been the only person to have actually answered my question. I have just given the Lelit Bianca a look. A great looking machine with the Walnut controls. Stands out. Unfortunately it would be nearly £500 more than the Bezzera! I think I may well go for the Bezzera for the price I have seen.
  14. Hi everyone This past few months I have been delving into the world of Coffee Machines, to be more precise machines in the region of £1200-£1400 I have done the usual, watching You Tube videos from home and abroad, ie reviews from Whole Latte Love, Seattle Coffee Gear etc. I am now looking at either the Bazzera Magica HX with PID, or Profitec 500 HX PID. I guess very similar in looks and specification. Would anybody out there buy one of these models more than the other, and reasons. (or steer clear of) Is one machine clearly the 'better built' one? Thanks in advance
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