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  1. Hi @RossD great setup! I also have a classic and the sage grinder pro but thinking of also getting the Crono! Few questions from me: 1) Is the fork required? I've heard if you use a bottomless portafilter, you can get away with resting on the stub? 2) Do you mainly use espresso? Once a week I use the French press, is it a faff to dial in again? 3) Is the timer in 5sec increments only? 4) Suitable for espresso? Coff-hey wrote a post saying this is absolutely for espresso but I've read some people saying it's more filtro even though specs suggests it's same as a
  2. Thank you! I should have picked it up... it was on for £100 😳
  3. @blocoholi How have you been getting on with it for espresso?
  4. I saw this on sale and couldn't find any information on it? It looks like a Silvia with an integrated Rocky?
  5. I'll just embed directly PXL_20210225_091930838 (1).mp4
  6. Bugger, I used the labnol link @RossD shared but it's only posting the first frame as a still. Any help?
  7. Received it @londonstuff You guys measuring 10 bars? @larkim pm me your address, will test this weekend hopefully and ship out next week
  8. Beautiful @RossD! p.s. How did you embed a video?
  9. I'm back in guys and happy to jump in whatever position. Who has it now/next?
  10. I am indeed! I believe I've given it a good 200+ flicks and so far so good!
  11. Ahhhhh!!!! It's alive!!!! I reassembled the switch panel again and voila. Something must have tripped put with my BDSM approach (see other thread for context).
  12. Can't say I can hear anything. Gave it a complete strip down and clean again to no resolve. All holes seem to be clear under running water to rule out blockage.
  13. Just tried this and nothing. Put in some descaler and flicked the steam swtich about 50 times. Also it doesn't seem to alternate between the wand and head like in the video, just constantly flows through the wand.
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