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  1. Well, I expect you are more experienced at pulling decent shots.. I need all the help I can get! 😀
  2. Hi Folks Thanks for the help and advice I have received regarding espresso machines and grinders. Attached is a photo of my new setup which is my step up from my original cheap grinder and basic 15 bar Delonghi espresso machine. After 3 goes I pulled a 17 in 35 out shot in 30 seconds at 9 bars. Tasted great so hoping it wasn't a fluke! 🙂 Best wishes Lozza
  3. Cheers Al Grande!! Actually no.. I was looking at his 2003 with the pressure gauge but in the end I decided I'd like a PID too so went for a 2003 with the Boost Box - I've seen he's posted on here a few times about it. He's stripping it down and installing the mod at the moment so it will be a few days before it's ready. Niche looks really nice although I've printed a mod to allow single dosing on the Specialita so that may be good for that too. We'll see... eventually 🙂
  4. I have received the Specialita... looks like a really solid piece of kit!! Waiting for my Gaggia to arrive now... exciting times!!
  5. Sure, I got it from shopcoffee.co.uk - TBH it was the only place I could find a white one in stock, rather than the lowest price but it cost 352.80 inc VAT.
  6. Ordered!! On its way... excited to get started with my new set up 😄
  7. I have made a decision - thank you to all that replied!! I am going to go for the Eureka Mignon Specialita since it seems like a lot more for a little extra, plus it does have a single dosing mod available to buy which puts it closer to the Niche Zero if required. If anyone knows of any good deals on the Specialita or has one for sale, I'd love to hear from you 🙂 Thanks all!
  8. Yes, loving Devon thank you 😄 I would snap up a Niche if they were available new - obvious choice from what I've read but I think its going to have to be Mignon until I'm able to buy one (assuming I'm not interested in paying £1000 to someone on ebay.. which I'm not!) .
  9. Hey Jaffro, I'm from St. Albans too (although in Devon now)!! Which model Mignon are you using?
  10. Thanks - and do you have any knowledge or advice about problems with the grind not being fine enough?
  11. I've purchased a nice refurb'd Gaggia Classic with pressure gauge and PID and now I'm looking at which grinder to buy. I would love a Niche Zero but they aren't available at the moment and will probably be on 3 months wait when they are back on sale so at the moment I am torn between the mignon facile and the Baratz Sette 270. Preferably I'd like to single dose like in the Niche (I think that's the right term) but I believe that the corning causes problems so you're better off having a whole hill of beans (quote from some film) in Mignon/Baratz (please correct me if I'm wrong). Do yo
  12. Seems that the Gaggia is looking good at the moment. I am looking at a Gaggia Classic Pro 2019 on ebay at the moment which comes with a fitted PID and 9bar spring. Sounds like a good starting point I think.
  13. That's interesting.. what makes you say that?
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