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  1. You can't get it in UK anymore. I think one can still get it from amazon.de or from amazin.com, but the shipping fees will make it unpractical. I've heard some people are using the blowing part of a turkey baster, though never saw a link to the one that has the right size.
  2. Don't. I don't have anything yet, just exploring options. I really love this doser in the link below though, but it's out of stock and it will likely to attract too many customs and import taxes on the way into UK. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/923944178/eureka-mignon-single-dose-hopper-and?show_sold_out_detail=1&ref=nla_listing_details# May be you can share the details of who is your 3d printer designer/printer if you are happy with their work. Or may be your design is good or may be even better. Looking forward to see what you've got, modding is fun.
  3. Great, please share what you will end up with. I am not a big fan of all other designs, I am sure they all work, however the esthetics and the workflow is sometimes compromised.
  4. Well done! Looking forward to see your design. Hopefully you can share the STL file too.
  5. Can you share your sketches? You can always outsource it, shouldn't cost more that £10-£30. I am sure there will be a other people interested in paying jointly for the design if they like your idea, so it won't be super expensive. Myself is included. I can also help with finding decent contractors.
  6. Can be mitigated by controlling how much coffee is in the basket and how fine you grind. Just put less coffee to make sure you get proper extraction with less flow. Depends :). Fully open reduces it by 100%, fully closed - by 0%. I guess his fiddling with the steam valve before the actual shot was in order to achieve roughly 60%-40% split between the basket and the wand. 60% of 15 bar = exactly 9 bar. Anyway, 9 bar is not written in stone. One can still make a good espresso with anything between 5 to 8 bars, as long as it is more or less consistent. Anyway, I am not saying
  7. Here is a less brutal and free way of doing the same. Is this guy a genius or what? I don't understand 99% of what he is saying, I guess he explains the theory behind his "invention" for the first 8 minutes. But it becomes pretty simple when you see his way in action at 8:32. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXXDzD9bxA8&t=512 I might try this one day.
  8. Depends how far you are willing to go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rT6k6exSXKU It's in Arabic, but it's self explanatory. You add your manometer with a controlled valve into the water path before the basket, Then you take the excess pressure from the basket through this valve.
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