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  1. UPDATE: Tony from Northwest Kitchenware (where I bought the machine) fixed the problem over the phone! My leak fix only required that I adjust the nut atop the group head (2nd nut down). It controls how high or low the piston sits. 2 little turns and my leak is fixed. If I missed that solution earlier in the thread, my apologies. Hope this helps someone else.
  2. For anyone curious, this is a video of the leaking group head.
  3. I just received my brand-new machine and it’s doing exactly the same thing. It drips water through the shower until it’s warmed up. Not sure of the ML but my scale shows 25grams water weight. Thanks to your post, I know to check the piston seal now. I also wonder if that explains the anaemic steam pressure (my previous Europiccola was much more powerful).
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