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  1. Thanks. I am reasonably confident on the PID temps now having tested that I am getting a puff of steam up at 100 degrees. I just pulled a couple of 1:3 shots and things are looking up ☀️ - neither sour nor bitter, just a bit lacking on flavour - but I feel like I have something new to work off now - I think I may be 'in the zone' 🤞 When I had pulled longer shots early on (with different beans) they were quite weak and I had kinda got "longer ratio = less flavour/body" lodged in my head. Another lesson learned.
  2. OK - I'm back - and 1.5kg of beans lighter. Still need your help team 😕 Two images here. The big one is my journey of discovery with Craft House Development Blend. My process definitely left a lot to be desired at times here - I got some unusual timings and I will admit that I ended up thrashing around a bit in desperation. But I have included it to show that - with a bean that is meant to be good for the beginner - I went through the full range of grinder settings from "1" (WAY too fine) to "2.75" (waterfall). Most of these tests were done with a 6.5 bar OPV spring. I tried both mineral
  3. Thanks. I'm getting those steam puffs at 100 so I think the PID is on-point and eliminated from my enquiries
  4. Thanks for the fill height tip - I'll try that 2moro (bit late for coffee experiments now 😳) I can't be far off 1kg of beans having gone through this puppy now but I have some leftover supermarket beans so some extra "running in" is worth a try too. There is a 3D printed single-dose mod for the Specialita and (in the US at least) a bellows to match, but I am sticking with the hopper for now - there is enough gadgetry here already not working in harmony!
  5. Thanks - turns out there is a typo on my spreadsheet/screenshot 🙄. Sadly (because I thought you had found the silver bullet) the Psb is set to -08.0 (correctly).
  6. What's your expectation/guideline for a 1:3 shot? "...flip-flop..." I started very methodically, bringing brew-time gradually down from 51 secs to 21. I think apparent 'flip flopping' in the latter tests arises because I began experimenting with other variables - OPV spring, water source, temps - and trying a few recipes each time. But since a) this approach has gotten me nowhere(!) and b) it makes it hard for people here to advise me I will "pick and stick" now and take the shots through the full range to see if I can pick out the "Balanced low --> Sour --> Balanced normal-high ---
  7. Thanks Rob. When I said I'd eliminated water, I meant that I'd tried the softened mains that runs through the softener (salt blocks) AND the separate feed for drinking water that bypasses those blocks and runs to a (3-way) kitchen tap via a separate cylinder filter. So, for sure, it is easy for me to do further tests with bottled water and bypass both. I am almost certainly over-analysing with the ratings of '2' and '3' - none of these shots are drinkable - there is no real sense of moving towards something better. At first I was unsure if I was getting 'bitter' or 'sour' but I'm pre
  8. OK, I'm back but sadly no further forward. Beans still need a bit of de-gas time but longer ratios have not helped. One theory I had was that we have a (whole house) water softener so I did some tests with the (filtered) hard water that bypasses the salt blocks. That made no difference. Next theory I am focussing on is that I have been blindly trusting the reading on my newly-installed PID. I just tested the water coming through the PF (no coffee) using the thermometer from my milk jug. Even with the PID set at 100 degrees C this water is never above 70 degrees C (the needle never ge
  9. Thanks. I will certainly do that but, frankly, it's moot right now because I am stuck at a 2. One thing I have not mentioned is that, post-shot, there is a small amount of puddling on top of the puck. Are we expecting the puck to be dry? I am going to whack the 6.5bar spring in and give reduced pressure a try - I feel like I am currently so far off that I need to change a "major variable" and I'm wondering now if I am over-tamping &/or too fine and - whereas I was expecting the machine to choke if I did this - I'm instead getting throughput but with poor extraction (under or over
  10. Damn! You pulled the rug from under me before I even got to try it (once the day is past a certain time I have to suspend testing else risk bouncing off the walls with caffeine overload 😮 )
  11. Ah - you cunning fox - good idea - that might help prove/disprove my hunch about the end-of-shot crema....🦊
  12. Ah, interesting you say that because it is coming out a bit "fizzy". I will give it some time. I will also persevere with some more lower-temperature testing and 'longer' ratios, since I've only tried one shot at 91 degrees and only one or two longer ratios to-date. In terms of comparisons, I have for a long time only been putting supermarket Lazazza beans through a Dualit Espressivo appliance with pressurised basket at home, so this set-up is quite a departure(!). But I have been drinking espresso from various outlets/restaurants for a *l o n g* time so I do know that I am doing som
  13. Resurrecting this thread. I have improved a few parts of my 'process' (incl. new scales to weigh dose/yield, distribution tool) but not seeing improved results and not sure what variable to focus on next? I am no longer 'single-dosing' through the Specialita and have the hopper half-filled. I do a 3 second purge through the grinder after each change of setting. All tests in the results attached are using Chocolate Point but this is the 3rd bean I have tried now and others have said they get good results with all three, so I am kinda discounting that. Knowing that crema is a
  14. Quick Q @Deegee: Do you have a PID? I thought the PID negated the need to temperature surf like you describe. Plus, the brew light never goes off - it keeps flashing - because my PID is battling hard to regulate and keeps 'pulsing' (I think)
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