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  1. I need your help team! I have completed a major upgrade from my cheap Dualit appliance to a Specialita & Gaggia Classic and read a bunch of stuff. Barring a decent pair of scales I think I have removed every obstacle to a lovely espresso aside from this here talentless barista 😔 There's about 8 mins of video here. Please feel free to rip me to shreds - I am not proud! - but I do want this investment to produce coffee that is substantially better than the Dualit! At the moment I would rather drink instant 😳 (The only thing I forgot to do was film the puck/cake - it do have a small
  2. This puppy? Cafelat E61 Silicone Group Seal 73x57x8.5mm (Blue) https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/en/Cafelat-E61-Silicone-Group-Seal-73x57x85mm-Blue/m-2590.aspx
  3. Thanks - have ordered the IMS Gaggia Precision Shower Screen ø 55mm - GA200IM and also a VST 18g basket so I think I covered those items? I decided against the brass dispersion block because I found more posts moaning about its hole positions than I did praising it's thermal properties!
  4. Thanks muchly! Just need the Royal Mail to work their magic now and my barista training can commence 🤓
  5. Many thanks. I was already on the Shades site for PID and OPV springs While I have you - the power switch mod also seems important given that the machine needs to warm up and yet might turn itself off again before I return to make the coffee! Did I interpret this correctly?
  6. It's this - newly stocked - so I am expecting(!!!) it to be the Italian-made, solenoid and professional steam wand one. https://www.gaggiadirect.com/manual-machine-shop.html#!/Gaggia-Classic-2019-COLOR-BLACK-240V-Manual-Espresso-Coffee-Machine/p/201855044/category=28034025
  7. Hi. I have just ordered the new Classic and am finding it difficult to source a compatible bottomless portafilter handle in black and chrome/stainless The 'bottomlesscoffeeshop' one on eBay states 'NOT suitable for New Gaggia Classic..' Bella Barista told me "The Gaggia handles are a standard diameter (58mm) but the ears or “lugs” are not in the normal place so generic 58mm handles won’t fit a Gaggia. We don’t stock Gaggia machines so won’t be looking to stock spares for them I’m afraid." Gaggiadirect only have one in brown wood (aesthetically unacceptable!). theespre
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