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  1. Just wanted to say a big thanks to Dave as I was looking for info on durability of these grinders and couldn't find much info on changes to gearboxes since 2017 and your post was very helpful.
  2. Just to resurrect an old thread, I am still using this kettle 4 years later and it is still going strong. I especially like the little plastic cover that goes over the base as underneath it still looks like new. Would definitely recommend this!
  3. Just got mine and happy to comment on my Rocket HX machine. Initial observations: 1 - Yes super easy to install 2 - Definitely takes longer to warm up than thought. Cooling Flushes I adjusted my boiler pressure down a few years back as I am using bottled water and found myself running out very quickly with huge cooling flushes. Steam is still pretty good on my machine too. From my testing I have found temp showing between 92-94 produces the best shots for me. Really happy with this so I can understand my machines temperature
  4. Resurrecting an old thread but just bought one of the Coffee Sensors form a UK shop and I must say it has been amazing. I have a Rocket Evo 2 HX machine and whilst temperature is stable it is the thermosyphon loop that gets overheated and needs a cooling flush. From my testing my flush was not enough as i would always flush until gurgling stops and a few seconds more. With temp sensor i could see that after the gurgling stopped temp in group head still around 95C. Another flush of around 5 seconds brings the temp to 92C. I then pulled a shot and the temp was around 89-91 during shot.
  5. No Rob I just meant that exactly what allikat said that just because something is a bit cheap and plasticky can still work well. And I haven't heard much about failures or faults since they made changes. Although interesting teardown on the HB forum post, yikes 😨 However I have decided to get the Nice Zero as it can replace my old Mazzer Mini and Encore Combo and I can have one grinder to serve both functions, freeing up some much needed counter space. On a side note that means I have an old Mazzer Mini I am ready to get rid of and really don't want much for it. If anyone is i
  6. Regarding the Sette, heard a lot about issues but also heard they had fixed those so would interested in anyone that has used the new model 270Wi or if people are still recommending to stear clear? I have an 8 year old Baratza Encore that is very plasticky but is still going strong for me Being nudged towards the Niche and also nice to support a start up English business
  7. Hello All, I bought a Mazzer Mini off Hotmetal back in 2014 and I am now thinking about passing this on to someone else. Its been a pretty solid work horse but isn't perfect and i want to go to Single Dosing and this is a bit of a PITA with the Mazzer. Any ideas on what this is worth now? Thwack counter is showing 3817 Hoping once I get my new grinder (NZ or Sette 270Wi) I can pass this on to someone looking to upgrade their setup
  8. I'm still debating these 2 grinders hahaha got Upgraditus combined with cant make a decision-itis 😅 I have a Baratza Encore that I use for Moccamaster and V60 and an old Mazzer Mini for Espresso . How have people found using Nice for both espresso and drip? I am debating whether Niche might do both for me so i don't need 2 grinders.
  9. Hello all, long time no posts. Just a note that i have a Moccamaster and pair it up with my Baratza Encore which works great. For my Espresso i had a Eureka Mignon (now on loan to a friend) and currently using a Mazzer Mini bought off a forum user here i love the 2 grinder setup as no fussing with grind settings all the time and the encore (or wilfa) are not too expensive. in all honesty after chasing the holy grail of perfect espresso and buying a Rocket some 6 years ago I don't use it that much as i prefer a longer drink. Now i almost always use my moccamaster.
  10. Basically if you unscrew it until it falls apart you will see there is a plastic/rubber ring that acts kind of like a seal. When you screw it back together it will meet this seal but you can keep going to reduce the depth. That is how you adjust it. Although once set i cant see there being much need for adjustments. I am still Tamping but only a gentle one. Glad you are loving the tool same as me! So nice to have consistently good shots. Attached is a shot of my puck post shot, nice good seal around the edges and no signs of channelling!
  11. Hi everyone, been a while since i posted but i went ahead and bought the Motta Coffee Levelling tool and honestly it is the single best thing that has happened to my coffee in ages. My puck is flat and evenly distributed and my shots pour from dead centre of basket in my naked portafilter every time and no more spritzing. I am surprised to see others like DavecUK not getting on with these tools but I believe i may know why some love this and some hate it: I have a fairly standard (cheapish) tamper from HasBean and there is definitely some jiggle room between my tamper and the baske
  12. I had some but not the whole starter pack and was good but I also had good results with other green beans too.
  13. Hello all! I too have received my Ikawa Home Roaster and i am very pleased! I will try and post a video review at some point. It works really well, the roasts are easily edited and saved in the app and I have had some delicious beans from it so far. For me this was a steal as i paid £450 for a really nice bit of kit. At £1,250 i think it is out of most people's budget unless they have a lot of spare cash. I can't really compare it to anything else as i haven't owned a roaster before. However if anyone wants to test this i would be happy to run a test by roasting some green bea
  14. Good shout Coffeejon, or I could try red roasters I guess! Will pop in and ask!
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