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  1. That makes every coffee journey unique ^^ Every step one can try something new, or just enjoy a known and liked flavour. The classical exploitation vs exploration question haha
  2. Nice! Thanks for the pics, the coffee looks good!
  3. Hi, For the grind size, maybe you could start in the "medium" range (for example, see this grind setting reference from 1zpresso), and adjust from there. I have a Bialetti La Mokina, I love it! It is super handy to make coffee for one person, robust and extremely low maintenance. I had never heard about the Brikka, @FoUr talking about crema is making me curious ^^
  4. Hey @Stu Beck, sorry for the late reply 😅 Yes I did order the JX pro, thanks to the kind recommendations I got on the forum 😊 Surprisingly, I was not asked to pay anything at delivery. I am not sure if I should expect to pay something after, or if I will receive some import or FedEx invoice later. 🤷‍♂️ I was planning to use the grinder for maybe 1-3 months, and make a post to share my impressions (even if I am a coffee n00b 😄). So far I can say that the grinding (@ the middle of the French press range) is really smooth, and I absolutely look forward to grinding the next dose 🤩
  5. Thank you all for taking the time to share your recommendations, advice, and experiences. I have pulled the trigger and ordered a JX Pro! 😄 The coffee adventure continues ^^ ☕
  6. Thanks for the explanations and detailed example, that makes sense.
  7. Thanks for sharing your experience, I am happy to hear about the fast delivery You are probably right about the systems, it will take a lot of IT work to update everything.
  8. Thanks for the link, I did not know about this £135 threshold, that's good to know!
  9. Coffee at the office before covid: free quick Nespresso shot, then back to work 😅 👨‍💻
  10. I think 1zpresso is based in Taiwan. My understanding was that, for example, UK and Taiwan could after Brexit enter into a different trade agreement than the EU-Taiwan one. I am not an expert on this though, so I might be wrong.
  11. Hi guys, Would anyone know if UK import taxes for coffee gear changed after Brexit? 🤔 I imagine this would depend on the shipping country. I was looking to estimate the import tax for a JX Pro order from 1zpresso. Some people mentioned they paid more or less 20£ to Fedex before Brexit. I am just wondering if this would be strongly affected. 😅 Thanks! Axe PS - I am not looking to start a debate on Brexit, I am just comparing coffee gear prices 🤑
  12. Thanks for the review I can see some pros for the JX Pro vs the Comandante: probably more transport-friendly as it's fully metal, the grind adjustment at the top with numbers probably makes it easier to adjust between brew methods, no plastic internals, cheaper, and (as of today) more availability of the product. Overall it seems quite a good value for money.
  13. Thanks! I will definitely learn more about this grinder! I'm glad I'm getting more information to take my decision
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