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  1. Hi, I just popped a reply in the other post. You can also see some unboxing videos on my YouTube; itsjamielee - YouTube
  2. Specialita is still a great grinder, especially around that price point. However, if you are wanting a step-up in terms of a similar function (flat burrs, on-demand), the Eureka Atom 65 is where I would (have) invest. Literally depends what you want for your set-up, and ultimately, what is your budget. The same logic applies to the choice of ECM machines. Essentially, do you really need a dual-boiler machine for your set-up, or would a PID controlled HX machine get you the espressos that you will be more than happy with? I have an Atom 65 Specialty and ECM Technika V Profi PID.
  3. Took delivery of my Atom S.65 earlier in the week. Couldn't be happier!! Thanks everyone for the input and advice. J
  4. Hey everyone, I would be interested to know peoples' current espresso recipe. Whether your workflow consists of a single-dose grinder or a full hopper, what is your daily grind these days. - Roaster - Beans: blend/type/profile - Recipe that is working for you Be interesting to also see what set-up you are running that on too. My daily is currently: - Roaster: Ozone Coffee - Beans: Hodson (blend) - Recipe: 17g in, 34g out, over 26 seconds - Running on: ECM Technika V & Eureka Atom S. 65 Thanks everyone, have a great weeken
  5. Really appreciate that Andy, thanks. Very lucky indeed! Stay tuned - Hopefully some great content for you and everyone else. J
  6. Really appreciate that, thank you! Next video drops this weekend. ☺️
  7. Hello everyone. Just building up a nice little set-up at home. Bits still arriving, so not yet complete, but posted my first video on my YouTube channel. Yikes!! Will be doing a lot of unboxing videos, first use, and a lot of latte art videos, milk steaming etc (for those that are keen). For anyone interested, pop on over to my channel to see me take delivery of my ECM Technika and some other bits last week. - Like, Subscribe and all that jazz. Much appreciated!!
  8. Agree. Returned it, ordered an Atom 65 Speciality, and will look at the next order slots on the Niche or hold out for Eureka's single dose.
  9. Returned it for an Atom 65 Speciality. Fits the bill for me at the moment, and would always consider getting a Niche in the future as a single dose grinder, or perhaps when Eureka bring their's out.
  10. Appreciate all the replies, thanks very much. @MediumRoastSteam A fair bit of research went in before my purchase, but in hindsight, a hasty one. I wouldn't say I am overly stuck on single dosing, but then I wouldn't have my hopper full anyway, as I just wouldn't get through that amount of beans before they start to become stale. I will only be using it for espresso, and thereafter flat whites/lattes etc.. not other brews, so that ability to accommodate doesn't matter to me either. I also rate the Niche too, it is just stock issues now. Perhaps a future purchase. Would it
  11. I am such an over-thinker... Bought a Sette 270wi the other week, but can't help think that I made the wrong choice. Too many folk have told me that for the price, despite the built in Acaia scale, just feels all too cheap/plastic(y). Really noisy too. I am in a position to return it without incurring any cost, so my question is... should I? Just upgraded to a new ECM machine, and I have Acaia Lunars anyway... I would just hate to fall short on the grinder when my setup isn't half bad. Any thoughts? Worth returning and spending a little more? Not a Niche
  12. Hello... I have heard a few issues regarding damaged Rocket machines upon delivery. Something to do with the welding on the front of the machines being a weak spot (information provided by BB). Regarding your options, it all depends on your budget and what you want from your machine really. - Are you an espresso drinker, a long-black, or do you like milk based drinks too. - Relating to the above, will help determine what boiler you should aim for and the size of that steam boiler (if you are keen on good steam performance) - Are you concerned about having a lot
  13. What did you go for in the end? Or did you at all....? What is/was your budget? Jamie
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