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  1. A big thimbs up from me too. I ordered a 1zpresso K-plus grinder and a set of scales. I chose the cheapest postage, but still arrived next day. Excellent email comms too.
  2. https://www.cremashop.eu/en/info/term When I was looking at handgrinders I considered the Kinu and might have ordered from the above European website. But they have suspended shipping to the UK for the time being. Brexit gets everywhere!!!
  3. I've had the same experience with the K-plus
  4. I was going to buy the Feld47 and was keeping an eye on the MBK website which was advising that new stock would be in for 10th Feb. When it got to the 12th and the website was still advising the same date I got fed up and ordered the 1zpresso K-plus from B.B. It's a lot more expensive than the Feld but it's so well made I think it was worth it. MBK still don't have stock but you can now register your email with them so that you get notification when stock is available.
  5. Listing has ended- best offer accepted
  6. The background ( in the photo looked familiar) so have just checked on Youtube. It looks very much like coffeeblog uk, but not saying it definitely is.
  7. Hi Alin, sorry I'll pass on this as I want to get a new one and get the warranty etc. Thanks for giving me first dibs. GLWS. Paul
  8. Drat! missed out Been surfing the net for one of these, preferably the Timemore but can't be had anywhere. Then I drop by here......
  9. https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-kitchen-appliances/mazzer-super-jolly-coffee-grinders-/1394648961 Not a grinder I'm interested in, but somebody here might be. Is £250 a good price for these?
  10. Thanks for the offer but our kitchen really is very tiny. Trying to serve up Sunday dinner for 4 is a real nightmare. Joining this forum a few hours ago has really made me focus- a few weeks ago I might have snapped your hand off for this machine and then lived to regret it when there's no space to carve the roast!!!
  11. Many thanks for the heads up on your Lelit- it came thro as I was typing my previous post. I don't think I have the space for a full blown machine. Thanks also to DaveUK for your welcome
  12. Hi to The Systemic Kid Many thanks for the welcome, much appreciated. I don't really have a budget in mind, however when I was investigating, a useful little set up I envisaged was a new Gaggia Classic and a Baratza Sette 30 grinder which added up to £648! Yikes, as an occasional drinker of espresso I couldn't justify that expense- altho I could afford it. Hence The Rok espresso maker at £149. It also doesn't take up much space in our teeny weeny kitchen. So it's now down to the choice of a grinder. No matter what type of coffee I would drink I have learnt from here and elsewhere not to s
  13. Hi AliC A new Rok grinder has not been available for many months and when I have visited the official website the availability date keeps being put back. However looking at it just now it is available at last
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