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  1. James also got me into proper coffee. I find James one of the few youtubers that have a quiet substance to their videos, with a soothing voice that isn’t rushed. A lot of channels talk at you at 100mph with an irritating upbeat zaniness. What could be better than a softly spoken English gentleman playing with expensive coffee toys?
  2. PSA: available at Chimney Fire Coffee for £110 delivered, or with a bag of coffee beans for £115! https://www.chimneyfirecoffee.com/equipment/wilfa-grinder Gutted I didn’t wait a bit longer. I got the stock update email the day after I snagged a year old used model for £78 delivered off eBay! Here’s hoping it’s a gooden! Ah well, saved myself £32 I suppose!
  3. Hello everyone. I am currently enjoying my V60 but also like to use my cheap Swan Filter machine as well when I am feeling lazy. I have come across a good deal on a Wilfa Precision Brewer, I do really like their design but I’m wondering will this make better coffee than a cheap Swan filter machine (£25 Amazon etc Swan 750ml Programmable Coffee Maker with Anti Drip Function, 700w, Black https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00K7A3WR6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_09JGWTC3GMA02SJPCZ21 ) I only make enough for myself, max 400ml so the quantity isn’t a dealbreaker I suppose what I’m asking is,
  4. Thank you all. Hopefully something turns up. Fleabay certainly bring it upon themselves. The fees are ridiculous and that’s without PayPal added on.
  5. Thanks for getting in touch. Possibly, if it still has a warranty. What were you thinking price wise? I wouldn’t be able to collect unfortunately.
  6. To be honest any Wilfa grinder right now in any colour would be welcome
  7. Thanks, I did wonder what had happened! There’s got to be at least one for sale in the country that is a good priced used! I can’t afford to go up in price to anything more expensive. Just getting into this coffee game. Might chuck in the towel and stick to pre-ground for a while!
  8. Thanks for posting. I missed it unfortunately. Apparently it finished early. Hopefully they relist!
  9. That’s disgraceful. I bet he’s also one of those selling £2000 PS5’s. The stubborn git has ignored my very reasonable offers. I hope everyone avoids him.
  10. Apologies for posting in the wrong area Dave. Thank you all, that’s a relief!
  11. Collection only. Silver model as well. Urgh. Thought I was going to get lucky with that one. Thanks anyway.
  12. I’ve asked elsewhere but Crankhouse Coffee has it up for preorder for February delivery. All ok or any issues with this lot?
  13. Hi all, About to order my Wilfa Svart Aroma from Crankhouse Coffee. After reading about the burning car crash that is JavaHub (such an avoidable mess by the looks of it) & being a coffee newbie I am keen for some reassurance before I buy from anyone I haven’t heard of before.
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