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  1. Hi allikat thanks for that. I guess I can test that out by getting a good local coffee shop to make me a fine espresso grind and see if this improves the situation - at least then ill know if its the coffee im putting in or the machine that's the issue. If it is the grinder, do you have any recommendations for a quality grinder - mid range type Thanks again
  2. Hi there. Thanks for your input. So I've descaled (with vinegar water mix) and cleaned portafilter and removed and cleaned shower screen (was pretty gross & almost completely clogged). But still v weak crema. It only came with what appears to be a single wall 2 cup basket. If this is not completely filled will that give weak crema? On beans I'm just using packages lavazza beans at the moment. I'll try fresher beans when I can get hands on them. I dont weigh the coffee but the shot seems to be coming out quite quickly in comparison to previous machine. My inclination is to buy r
  3. It's a militia molino. Supposed to do fine grinds suitable for espresso.
  4. Hi there. I inherited a gaggia cubika machinewhich is a good few years old. It's a beautiful machineand appears to be in good working order but doesnt produce much crema at all. I have used the finest grind my grinder will produce which improves it a bit but it's really not good at all. It's possible the filter is damaged/ worn out. I have looked online and it appears replacement portafilters or filter baskets are discontinued for the cubika. So long story short my question is: is there something I may be overlooking in terms not getting crema from the machine? Or alternatively are any other m
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