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  1. Sorry Andy, I sold it on ebay a while ago. Good luck in your search!
  2. Fair enough, I can see I might have been optimistic. I might just stick with the Flair for a while and see what happens with the prices in future. Thanks
  3. Mine's here as well, thanks to everyone involved Got a few days worth of other coffee to finish off but can't wait to open this. This must be the most airtight bag I've ever received coffee in as well; I couldn't even smell a hint of it when I opened the box... really keeping up the suspense
  4. Hi there, Anyone have a La Pavoni for sale? Not too fussed on age, looking to spend about £200 give or take based on condition (can't see any recent sales based on a search but this looks reasonable based on past sales) I will be selling my Flair Classic, with pressure kit and upgraded tamper which should be worth roughly £200 as well so if anyone feels like a swap that's also an option otherwise I'm happy to pay cash and sell the Flair separately. Many thanks
  5. I do go through normal periods where I won't take the antihistaminesbor nasal spray for 36 hours or so regularly and don't notice a difference, but maybe I'll try a week detox and see if it makes a difference. I honestly think my taste buds may just be different and sensitive to a natural process; I usually don't pay much attention to the process but choose based on region and roast profile. I'll experiment by using process to choose instead! That being said I still never get the tasting notes from coffees I enjoy... I'm on the El Salvador from Black Cat today and my V60 this morning was balanced and delicious, but I didn't get any of the tasting notes. I don't mind as I definitely enjoyed the cup, it just makes me wonder what's wrong with my taste 😂
  6. Well I've signed up for the LSOL this month so we'll see how it goes 😂 worst case scenario I'll make flat whites to mask the taste a bit!
  7. Wow, thanks for all of the replies! Coincidentally I do have a heart condition but I'm not on any meds for it so wouldn't be that; I am however struggling with sinus issues having developed Hayfever suddenly a few years ago and now I seem to be mildly allergic to something year round. As a result I'm taking over the counter antihistamines and using a nasal spray, maybe it's a sinus/sinus medication issue? Although it is very much only certain coffees. I suspect it's the natural process that I don't enjoy maybe I'll try avoiding these and see how I go. Thanks everyone for the input!
  8. I don't really know where i'm going with this post, or what I hope to achieve, but... Does anyone else find that certain coffees just taste heavily of manure? I'm a country kid by birth, so I know well what a bit of farm animal poo smells like, but I feel like i'm losing it slightly as whenever I try higher cup score coffees or seemingly anything with floral tasting notes they (literally) taste like poo to me. I'm on one now (won't name names, as I don't want to reflect badly on anyone) But I can assure you they're a well known and highly regarded roaster. It's a natural Ethiopian, cup score of nearly 90. I would genuinely give it tasting notes of apples and cow poo, and i've brewed it in multiple methods and at every logical grind setting. The priciest bag of coffee i've so far bought was another natural (I think also African but not %100 sure) which was a very high cup score, and to me tasted of raspberries and poo. Am I losing my mind or does anyone else get this? At this point I think the problem may be in my palate because I never actually get any of the tasting notes on the bag; I get tasty coffee (IMO) and I feel confident that i'm achieving proper brews with Clever Drippers, AeroPress and sometimes V60 (currently using the 1Zpresso JX Pro, previously Wilfa Svart) but I wouldn't say I've ever experienced the tasting notes on any bag of coffee. Does anyone else have similar experiences? Is my palate broken? Am I just slowly going insane...
  9. £25-30 a month I reckon by a quick calculation.
  10. I think like in many things, there are more than one ways to skin a cat! When I cook, it's all about weight and timers and precision but some of the best home cooks I know never weigh anything or use timers. In another context; I have a lot of tattoos and know quite a few artists (tattooists and traditional painters) and there seems to be similar groups, some using very precise and scientific methods with reference material and sketching things out in advance while some artists can just paint something from memory/imagination and nail it.
  11. I've only had a few espressos from a cafe/restauraunt, just to try them, and found them all pretty disgusting. I only realised I liked espresso when I tried one out of my uncle's Sage bean to cup machine while housesitting. I can make very tasty shots with my Flair even as a complete beginner that are miles nicer than the few i've had in a shop. I would love to try espresso somewhere like Italy to see what i've been missing!
  12. Just to muddy the waters a bit further; I recently got the 1zpresso Jx Pro and can't stop banging on about how great it is! It's the only espresso capable grinder I've used (other than a brief try of an Aergrind hand grinder which I found to be a chore) but it's an absolute doddle to use, and if you ever decided to branch further into filter coffee for you or your partner you could easily use it for that as well. So I can't say enough good things about it really: Easy to clean, easy to change between beans, takes up very little room, built beautifully and great grind quality.... Then again I'm making espresso with it on a Flair so maybe my advice is less relevant
  13. LukeC

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    I now understand what people mean by getting equipment that makes you want to make coffee. When I was using a Svart and Clever Dripper I liked drinking good coffee. Now with a 1zpresso Jx-Pro and Flair I like making coffee! My next hurdle is... Trying decaf coffee so I can drink more in a day and still sleep 😂 😂 😂
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