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  1. I had an old thermoblock dualit,with grinder attached, which I had bought 18 years ago. It was still going strong but I wanted a decent coffee. So I gave it to a friend. I've had the Rocket about 18 months, love it.
  2. Lol just seen how old this post is..... I'm only 7 years late to the party
  3. I always put espresso powder in my chocolate cake, it really does improve the depth of flavour. I do the same with coffee cake too..... What size tin you using?
  4. I love the smell in the kitchen of spiced light fruit cake
  5. Yep, way too cramped..... Need a new kitchen lol
  6. Well today I had a new filter coffee grinder delivered. I love the eureka mignon specialita for espresso, but it's a pain to change back and forth, from filter to espresso. TBH I only did it once, that was the first and last time. However BB sell a Mignon for filter so I went for it. Oh and a Rocket bottomless porta filter. I think Rocket may have changed their supplier as its not quite the same quality as the other Rocket porta filters I have, not a problem at all, just little nuanced differences. Anyhow, here's the new mignon next to its shiny brother.
  7. I do like his content and reviews, at times however, I just want him to get to the point.
  8. Today I have had these two delivered.... Super fast service, as usual.
  9. I hate to admit it, but I still like a latte with Lavazza gold crema...... Sorry... Lol It's not nostalgia, probably just bad taste I hear you cry! I am reminded of a Dorothy Parker quote, 'You can lead a whore to culture, but you can't make her think'
  10. Personally, I time from the moment the pump is on. I expect to see liquid about 6/8 seconds after that.
  11. Again I agree, my friend Lee has a small 10 person workshop in Hong Kong, making watches. Good, solid attractive watches. I bought a toubillon from him several years ago, it wasn't cheap, but it wasn't bought as an everyday beater. Had it been Swiss, I wouldn't have been able to afford it. Lee gets so upset with the mass produced crap that comes out of China, and would agree with Rumplestiltskin I'm sure on many aspects, because all that crap we demand for our Western consumerist societies , detracts from the people of China with real artisan skills, who take pride in thir work and wouldn't d
  12. Me too Dave, my Dad was a prisoner of war in Japan and had very strong opinions of Japanese goods. However, as Rumplestiltskin said, the bikes were and still are bloody good. I had a bandit and was afraid to tell the old man I had spent money on a Japanese machine.
  13. I thought I would just find out a bit more about coffee, jeez louise, it's a minefield. Since joining the forum, I have read so much great information, and gone off on so many tangents, it's been a real eye opener. I am going to try a few new 'to me' coffees over the next few months and fortunately, my son and daughter in law are back living in the UK from Sydney, and they love coffee. So as soon as covid allows, I will be able to drop different single origin beans off at theirs too, and we can start comparing. It's going to be interesting for sure. Thanks Forum members!
  14. Like many others, it tends to be around £35 / £40 per month
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