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  1. I leave most of the baking at my sons doorstep otherwise I would be the size of a house. We kept the Victoria sandwich and gave the lemongrass and coconut to the boy.
  2. No they are Ragdols, very loveable cats.
  3. I have 5 ragdolls and for some reason they are fascinated with Rave Signature blend. Its weird, they usually only get off their backsides for Dreamies! As I was filling the hopper, one after another, of the three amigos tried to get on the counter.... Which they know is a No... No. Two of them aren't bothered at all with either Dreamies or Rave. Yeah they look like butter wouldn't melt but trust me..... Thy are, well the best thing ever. Lol Anyone else got cats into the smell of coffee?
  4. Here are some I baked earlier
  5. Hi there, mine only arrived this week and I live in the Highlands. I was concerned about the possibility of higher than usual nitrates, as I have private water and share the land with numerous cattle, sheep. The TDS meter shows a 75 % decrease in solids in the filtered water as opposed to water from my tap. Its a new system, and I'm waiting for it to bed in, it's had about 20/30 litres through it now and for tea, coffee it's fine. It does still have a plastic taste though, to the cold filtered water. From what I've read, this too will dissipate, but for me the figures speak for themsel
  6. We use a cast iron pan and lid for our sourdough and always have great results We bought a villeroy and boch one and have had as I say, great results and it was under £30 from home bargains, or somewhere like that.
  7. Just an update... I have indeed had a text from Javahub to say that a refund has been processed, as Danny from Javahub said in his response on this platform, it may take 7/10 days.
  8. We use a moccamaster, it's great but I'm the only one who buys decent coffee beans, I use a small grinder and they all take the p... Proverbial out of me. They drink my coffee though.. Lol You would be surprised how many times I get asked to make coffee... Fortunately, I also have a moccamaster for home too. As we are in lock down I mean
  9. Pants.... Yep, well that's what the postie bought me.....
  10. Wow.... I cannot believe that. Thanks Dave, it was after watching your video I made my mind up. I have PMd Mark. Thanks again. Kevin
  11. Hi all, is anyone thinking of doing this again.? I'm definitely going to get one but if I can get a discount all the better. Alternatively, they have an offer of a free set of fillters for the purchaser and friend that recommended the zero, win win! Anyone up for that?
  12. Had an email from Danny, He says the stock was held up because we went into lock down and France closed the border crossing, then as time went on too long the stock was returned to sender because we then had Brexit to contend with and all the documentation was wrong. He said it will be a few days and he will send some coffee for my patience........ Coffee I do not need, and I have also now got the machine, bought elsewhere and delivered in three days! So once again I confirmed I want a refund. Fingers crossed!!!!
  13. Rave Italian job really nice , took a while to get the grind right, but now I'm there ....Me likey a lotty
  14. I called Medway trading standards earlier today but they are working from home due to covid and so have had to email. For your information its Marcia. [email protected]
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