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  1. I'm sure someone could CAD one up and 3D print it. Not me however.
  2. People that would steal peoples' stuff by finding out where they live and what they have. Not forum members but ne'erdowells scanning forums.
  3. I don't put up pics or say what I've got in case it attracts the wrong sort. I have some bikes and I am lucky enough to live in some awesome cycling countryside. Also, partial to a commute / semi-commute on occasions.
  4. Davebo

    Sage Cups

    So, I saw a Sage promo video and the shot was extracted into a cup with marking (dotted lines) on the inside. Looked like guides for latte art to me. Are these cups available ? TIA, DBo.
  5. At the moment I don't have a decent grinder so I'm using the pressurised basket. Is there any point in me reducing the OPV yet ? Should I wait until Im using an unpressurised basket with a decent grind?
  6. I went down a massive (Youtube/eBay) rabbit hole looking at new and second hand before settling on a Gaggia Classic. I already had a burr grinder but not good enough for espresso in a non-pressurised basket. So I am using the beans I have and good pre-ground in the pressurised basket at the moment and saving up for a decent grinder. One step at a time... Good luck with your search.
  7. Sorry if this has been thrashed out before (I couldn't find anything). My 2011 Classic has the original alloy shower plate which is looking a little battered (edges look chipped, discoloured even after a good clean). I want to replace it but is it worth investing in a 'better' plate or just a straight replacement ? What size am I looking for when searching please ? Thanks in advance for your wisdom.
  8. The cafe side of the Prologue Performance cycle shop on Cold Bath Rd. Excellent food and great coffee ... even if you don't like cycling.
  9. I've had a Cuisinart Burr Grinder for a while and I will move up before too long but ... At the moment the portafilter load is driving me mad. Coffee is going everywhere and I think that's down to static. I've tried misting and RDT the beans going in but the hopper is still causing fines to get sprayed everywhere. Any advice please (other than junk it and buy a new grinder)? Alternates to the OEM hopper ? Funnel ? Ritual sacrifice ? Thanks in advance.
  10. Long time coffee fan making the journey into espresso based drinks. I used to make 'milky coffee' for my Mum and her friend using hot milk and instant coffee. This was maybe 45+ years ago. As an adult I love a strong coffee but have favoured convenience until now. A few years back a friend of mine (who likes to invest in the right gear) bought a Gaggia Classic and, as someone renowned for taking the cheaper option, I was aghast that someone could spend many hundreds of pounds on a machine and a burr grinder. How wrong was I ? Thanks to my darling wife I have had a burr grinder f
  11. ...and now I've cracked the handle. Probably forced it when loading into the brew head. Oh well, lucky I have a new one on the way. just need to improve my loading technique now.
  12. So, looking at the Classic Pro case with the cutouts for the reservoir and wondering if that's a worthwhile case mod for an older Classic or not. Is it viable ? Bit of marking out, a step drill and a Dremel. What could go wrong ? Is it worthwhile ? I certainly have to peer under the canopy with a torch sometimes to see the water level. What are your views please ? Thanks in advance, DBo.
  13. What made you want to move on from a Smart Pro please ?
  14. Yup. The (brand new) extractor stud snapped off in the snapped bolt! Good news is that with a bit of gaffer tape the head fits into the handle firmly with no bolt whatsoever. Wish me luck knocking out the puck? Meanwhile, anyone know where to get a new portafilter head from please ?
  15. Hmmm, just tried to loosen mine off and the bolt has sheared. Please could someone post a link a replacement bolt ? In the meantime I will either have to drill out the old one or try a screw extractor (which never works) as the end is still stuck in the portafilter head.
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