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  1. Hi all I was introduced to the forum by michaelg (after buying his Sage Dual Boiler last month). I started out pretty recently with a Sage Barista Express, as whilst I had a good automatic Miele bean to cup, I had had some great coffees from friends who had Sage DB machines so wanted to go for the whole Barista experience too. After 4 weeks I had sold the original Sage BE and bought Michael’s Sage DB and a Sage Pro Grinder. Tend to buy my coffee from a local roaster in Market Harborough called Carrara and also from Mission Coffee Works in London. Preferred coffee is
  2. Hi all I joined straight away after a recommendation from Michaelg. I’m a real newbie still - posted a few times so far - mainly for help! 😂. In my first couple of weeks I’ve managed to make myself some truly awful coffee and luckily some that gives me hope as well, as even at my novice level it was preferable to many bought outside. Thanks for the help so far!
  3. Thanks very much. Grinding at 10 and with consistent tamp (compared to last beans) I get only a few drops of espresso in the end in a double... I assume I should go coarser on grind? I’ll try in the morning.
  4. Definitely have found the calibrated tamper a good thing. Also invested in some scales to measure the finished espresso as the original programme setting was quite a way off. just changed beans today to 10day old Mission Coffee Works (Bells), which I have really enjoyed previously. Am struggling to get the tamping pressure right though vs the Mission Coffee Works (Los Ureña)... thought I had nailed it by the end of the previous beans and now seem to need to tamp much lighter.... have kept grind size consistent, but miles off on my tamp we these 🤦‍♂️
  5. Thanks guys - i’m also new here with a barista express - and had v fresh beans. Got some good advice to use a paper clip to even out the grind before tamping too... and, while i’m still learning have bought a calibrated tamper to try to get a feel for the correct pressure. Not sure if it’s a gimmick or not, will find out tomorrow 😊
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