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  1. Great thanks for advice, ill try it out.. Also noticed that beans are kinda hard when compared to supermarket coffee, i mean supermarket coffee i had to tamp and the tamper would go in a bit, but with this coffee tamping doesnt change much lol tamper doesnt really go in, just flattens out the coffee
  2. 2 days ago roasted and another pack 4 days ago, but they are pretty much the same, i have hard time dialing in lol
  3. Thanks for response, i tried grinding at 10 with pretty much same dosage and tamping and it was similar, i now tried tamping lighter and pressure was better but extraction was very fast and auto button doesnt seem to give adequate coffee yield anymore
  4. Hello everyone I recently bought sage barista express, so for first two weeks I was using supermarket beans, illy and starbucks and some random brand. It was very easy to dial in with them, i sticked to 3-5 grind setting and usually had to increase the dose and give a good tamp, my pressure was pretty much always in "Perfect range" and timing was good, also the yield and taste was perfect - all that using auto dual shot button. After 2 weeks of doing good coffee with supermarket beans i decided to buy some "Premium beans" that are freshly roasted, bought some medium-dark roast beans
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