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  1. Received 1kg of Dr Strangelove yesterday - roasted 15/1. Initial impressions are its fantastic - great value with this generous discount.
  2. Morning from Glasgow ! Last year I tried to get beans from a few of the scottish roasteries ; Obadiah // Thomsons // Dear Green // Unorthodox have all been fantastic 🙂
  3. sorry - I was not aware of this. Noted
  4. Fantastic - I'm just in the process of making a similar setup in my shed, with exactly the same maker 🙂
  5. Hi folks, long time lurker just joined up. As I'm sure is the case with many fellow members here our household coffee intake has increased threefold through the lockdown / working from home. I work in post production for film and TV and as you can probably imagine with the crazy daytime TV viewing figures its been wildly busy in the industry. Combined with the arrival of a new baby it was a pretty heavy duty year...! Last year we got through about 25 different roasteries, the standout coffees probably being the wonderful Ibanda from @Django Coffee Co. - truly delicious and utterly mor
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