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  1. Lovely. I really regret selling my cross check - such a wonderfully versatile frame. I had it from singlespeed with 25c slicks all the way to 1x10 with 29x2.2 tyres. Never sell it 🙂
  2. My MTB, had it since 2013, been all over Scotland, Wales and the alps. Production Privee - Shan of Hazzard
  3. noctnikkor

    De Longhi KG79

    Smashing - I'll message you for the particulars just now. Cheers Jamie
  4. noctnikkor

    De Longhi KG79

    If you'd do £20 posted I'll take it. Regards Jamie
  5. Obadiah, Thomsons, Origin would be my shouts for the lighter side
  6. I've got a few bikes, my fave being my Shand Stoater. Fillet brazed Reynolds 853, rides super nice. It's been through quite a few different iterations over the years, here it is in offroad mode, it's currently in audax mode with full guards and 28C slicks.
  7. Extract's san adolfo is a nice everyday blend. The costa rica that Happy Donkey sell is a really nice all day drinking coffee too - and incredible value.
  8. Interested to hear any recommendations of beans from UK roasters that are 90+ SCA rated. What ones have you tried and do you think there's a genuine tangible difference between these and beans with a lesser score...
  9. Anything considered ! Would much rather get something via here than ebay as prices are a bit crazy just now!
  10. Got some perfectly roasted beans a couple of weeks ago. Hermes were slightly tardy with their shipping but communication with HD was swift to advise eta. The beans are fabulous - no pretentious packaging or blurb - just well roasted delicious coffee at a nice price - BRAVO
  11. Hi folks I'm looking for a decent espresso machine. Something along the lines of a gaggia classic or similar. Not super precious about the cosmetic condition. Looking to spend less than 150.
  12. Received 1kg of Dr Strangelove yesterday - roasted 15/1. Initial impressions are its fantastic - great value with this generous discount.
  13. Morning from Glasgow ! Last year I tried to get beans from a few of the scottish roasteries ; Obadiah // Thomsons // Dear Green // Unorthodox have all been fantastic 🙂
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