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  1. I’m buying a mignon specialita. Are you unhappy or just looking for something better?
  2. Like you John, I started fairly basic and then the search got wider and wider. I’d set my heart on an Appartamento with the grinder as you. Then I started thinking about pumps and boilers. I’ve now gone Izzo as well, but the PID plus. Teamed with a Eureka Specialita. Should all be arriving soon!!
  3. I'm suddenly looking at that as a possible combo!
  4. Thank you. Do you have a specialita?
  5. It’s a toss up between Rocket Mozzafiato or the ECM Mechanika/ Technika. Grinder was going for a Eureka Specialita
  6. Cheers. The Chancellor is on board. However I started thinking of an Appartamento. Then on mozzafiato. Then heard about issues with Rocket deliveries and damage. Looking at ECMs mechanika or the Technika. Still getting drawn back to Rocket though. Then I need to think of V or R 😂😂
  7. Hi folks, I’ve been researching coffee machines as I am keen to upgrade on my (it’s probably a dirty word) Nespresso!!! Apologies for the bad language 😂😂😂 I used to own a nice Dualit machine then went for convenience and now looking to get serious!!!
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