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  1. Think I'll bite the bullet and join the club! Exciting times ahead
  2. Thanks for all the responses guys. I have bought a few Hasbean bits and pieces in the past. I bought the espresso starter kit, which I thought had highs and lows. This didnt bother me too much though as I know IMM is much more SO focussed, than on the blends. More recently bought some Finca David Vilca and Cachoeira, which I preferred, and I know have been IMM coffee's in the past. Thought the David Vilca in particular was very good... I have looked at Londinium in the past too, and although their range sounds nice, I wasn't sure how I felt about having 5 bags arrive at once, regarding aging of the beans.
  3. Hi guys, looking for a little advice. Im really tempted to start an In My Mug subscription, but am a little worried that as primarily a flat white drinker it's generally more set up for those who drink filter on a regular basis. I do have an aeropress and FP which I enjoy using occassionally, but can't see myself going this way for my regular coffee fix. I'll probably end up going for a 12 week sub to give it a shot, but for those of you who are/have been IMM subscribers, will I be disappointed with their offerings for a flat white, or can anyone offer suggestions for a better alternative? Thanks guys!
  4. I bought the LM 17g from coffeehit and have really liked it using it. No experience of using a VST branded one, but my understanding is that they're one and the same too. Anyway the LM basket gets a thumbs up from me.
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    Another option would be one of these: http://www.coffeehit.co.uk/ancap-competition-cappuccino-cup-saucer-150ml/p919 I bought one and really like it for a flat white - reassuringly thick and lovely to pour into and drink from. My only (small) complaint is that I can't fit my fingers into it easily to hold it by the handle...no big deal though as the whole thnig fits nicely in the hand. The notneutral ones look great too though, and I'm tempted by one of their 8oz latte cups myself. Think it might go on my letter to Santa.
  6. You could try cutting up the bottom off a yoghurt pot which you can use as a funnel between the chute of a grinder and the portafilter. That's what I do, a cheap and cheerful homemade remedy!
  7. BongoSteve

    New Red Brick

    No worries mate, worth a shot! Union deal is calling my name now I think...
  8. This may sound silly, but are the SO's listed outwith the espresso section, really only designed to be filter coffee's - or are those of you who are ordering SO's planning on using them in your espresso machines? The espresso section seems small in the context of the number of coffee's they have on offer, although what they do have sounds good.
  9. BongoSteve

    New Red Brick

    I'd happily take it off of your hands if you're absolutely positive you can't find anything to do with it (and of course noone has beaten me to it) It's Incredibly kind of you though mate.
  10. I've got a Porlex one which you can find here: http://www.hasbean.co.uk/collections/grinders/products/porlex-ceramic-burr-coffee-grinder (there may be cheaper places to get it though). Can't say I've used it for espresso but I've read of people using it for that purpose. There's a recent thread on hand grinders for espresso here: http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?5607-Espresso-amp-hand-grinders
  11. My tamper came this morning - hope you got yours through too.
  12. Yeah the 8.5mm circular rubber seal thing above the shower screen and locking plate - the Fracino guy called it a filter washer in his email, my understanding of terminology isn't great, sorry. I do know I've had no leak since changing it though, either when making the coffee or backflushing. I also know its spare part FC104 on here: http://www.fracino4u.com/spare-parts-c8
  13. I struggled with a bit of a leak for a while from straight out of the factory - didn't happen all the time but enough to frustrate me - thought it was related to dose, grind and all sorts of other things. I eventually got round to emailing Fracino themselves who were very helpful and the problem was solved by changing the filter washer. I'm sure others who bought at the same time as me on here had the same problem (not a big one) but might be worth looking out for. A clue might be the position of the filter holder handle, if it goes much past 6:00.... Enjoy it though! I've had a lot of fun with mine
  14. Another Edinburgh coffee junkie
  15. I ordered a VST tamper on Monday night, not received yet - but Peter is a really helpful guy, I've always received brilliant customer service from him when I've ordered before, so I wouldn't panic too much just yet. I hope it comes for you soon
  16. No worries - some people like the more scientific approach to making coffee to help with trying to make a good shot repeatable - for that reason they use scales which are accurate to 0.1g to weigh out beans. Domestic scales which are only accurate to the nearest 1g find this hard to achieve (e.g. 14.0g is very different from 14.9g - but it won't show on domestic scales) It sounds like a big investment, but you can pick them up for a fiver on ebay. I found it helped me a lot, and eliminated one more variable for when I'm trying to dial in.
  17. Bit of a can of worms there! Most people would go for somewhere in the region of 18g. It is also an option however to go for a more traditional dose in the region of 14-15g. Are you using 0.1g scales? They're a big help!
  18. Yep pretty much all beans react differently, even small things like how long after roasting, and ambient temperature can matter. In the case of Square Mile beans, they're on the lighter end of the spectrum which would result in quite a different grind from darker beans - especially if they're supermarket ones... I wouldn't worry too much about what the grind is compared to previous beans, but more about trying to find a grind setting to get your desired output in the 25-30 ish second window.
  19. Hi guys, sorry for the delay in answering! I just checked my mail and to be exact I paid £18.81 when I ordered on Friday night. Not sure why it's fluctuating so much on amazon.
  20. I've often looked at Alessi, but thought I couldn't really justify the price tag. Anyway was in the market for a 35cl pitcher and found these on amazon, for what seems a pretty good price. Thought I'd spread the word if anyone else was interested too (Can't comment just now on whether its all style over substance though!) Only a couple left if you are interested, and the price has gone up £4 from last night when I ordered...!? Here's the link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Alessi-103-35-Stainless-Steel/dp/B000X715YU/ref=sr_1_25?ie=UTF8&qid=1352577204&sr=8-25 (Obviously I'm in no way associated with amazon)
  21. What about a Nespresso Aeroccino type thing? No past experience with them, so can't comment on how good they are. They do look very hassle free though...
  22. Ah I see what you mean - thanks for posting that, you've no idea how helpful that is. I'll maybe send out a few emails to see if anyone stocks both a naked PF and a vst, and if they can maybe check and see whether it fits for me, before I buy it. Thanks again
  23. To be honest I've not done anything about it yet - got a bit distracted. Does yours not fit?
  24. You can get cheaper ones here: http://www.creamsupplies.co.uk/coffee-barista-motta-barista-tools/cat_389.html I've got the 50cl Europa and I like it
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