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  1. I would say it was easy, only difficult element was the connections to the microswitch were tight, so one of the plastic covers came off when pulling it, and had to use a tiny screw driver to remove the connect as it was clamped down. This was from https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/ - the first option was to RMA the device; but I did not keep the box as I live in one of the smallest flats known to man and the fact I wanted my espresso fix asap. Attached some photos that I took
  2. To confirm, I received a replacement switch and installed it a few hours ago, and now I'm back online - might of been a little late for coffee but never mind - oine happy person! Thanks for all the help!
  3. Agree pretty sure that it is faulty; I've been trying to loosen any componets inside the button with WD40 today; see video attached that I sent to the suplier during conversations. End verdirect was if this does not work, then the switch needs replacing; all of this and coffee beans just arrived Latest video of the button:
  4. Thought I responded! Thank you - I will open the machine up on Friday evening / Saturday, looks pretty straight forward to open
  5. Hi All, Thanks for the prompt responses, I've done a little video response as it might be easier to see. Do we think somehow the switch has moved? I thought it was extended further out before; but I don't seem to have a photo of that before the issue! Now the the three lights flashing, according to the manual indicate the boiler filling phase has exceeded the maxium time; but how could this be true when the machine is just turned on. The coffee I made before my girlfriend did a video of me; was sending it to a close friend showing him new setup. Thi
  6. Hello All, Today I used the machine to make a coffee, shotand steam. All went well. Then I tried to make another shot, and no water came out. I saw that the Button that makes contact with the brew leaver was not out. Pulled it out manually with a knife; tried the machine again and got steam through the group head. Turned off the machine, turned on - now I had dual flashing lights. Turned off the machine, reseated the water tank and confirmed no blockeges. Turned on the machine, but this time with the button moved out. The boiler started to fill, a
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