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  1. Has anyone got a gaggia classic switch avaliable?
  2. The I have cleaned the group head. I can blow through valves and everything. I have blown through solendoid, cleaned it and it all seems clear and bloackage free. I am wondering if it is something to do witht he switch i am using. When i got the machine the switch was broken. I rebuilt it so that the outer switches work but the middle steam switch does not work. Maybe when this switch is off it is still doing something to allow the water through?/
  3. Dont worry - i have a tool to remove screws. It came out fine.
  4. The pump definitely works. I took all the valves out, took them apart and cleaned them. checked everything was moving okay in them - all good. Still no water. I cannot get the screw out of the group head. I can drill it out if i know where to get a replacement. When i got the machine it was very very dirty in the group head.
  5. Water is not coming out of the place the coffee should come out of. i am still getting steam out of steam rod. i am wondering if this is a broken switch
  6. thanks for your help!
  7. Hi it’s leaking out between the tank and the part number 4. Is an O ring just a seal? im trying to figure out how to post picture and video
  8. I managed to get my hands on a free gaggia that was not working. I found there to be a crack in the heavy part above what i think is the boiler? basically the tank the water goes in. i replaced that for about £50 The switch broke whilst doing this but i have partially put this back together for testing when testing the steam valve was leaking very fast. where it connects to the boiler tank (i don’t know the name) it was leaking. i’m guessing this is the seal needing replacing? I get water out of the steam tube and don’t get any water out of the espresso shot part.
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