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  1. Everything working great since changing the parts two weeks ago!
  2. Parts installed as per video, I also changed opv to 9 bar. We shall see in the morning!
  3. I'm getting my parts sent out by dealer, they are located in my "barrio" so they should be here before the weekend. They have assured me that it won't effect warranty. Lelit Insider had posted two videos featuring how to swap out the probe and circuit board. How to change probe: How to change circuit board: I'm actually looking forward to tinkering with it, call me a sad-o. [emoji1787]
  4. Yes, lets hope that the issue can be dealt with quickly..
  5. My reseller contacted me saying that the part had arrived and asked if I would fit it myself. My machine has been behaving for weeks
  6. Spoke to reseller yesterday, apparently there have been cases of this happening in other countries. Possibility down to a bad circuit board. The guy was explaining it just when I was about start teaching a class and I couldn't fully concentrate on what he was saying. Lelit have shipped some parts and they'll (reseller) try to refit one when it arrives. It's strange though as the machine is performing perfectly normally in coffee mode again.
  7. Still waiting for feedback from reseller who is waiting for instructions from Lelit. Machine is working fine in coffee mode however.
  8. Difficult to say but in some ways looks the same and in others not. In my case the machine has a distinctive pressure release noise and steam comes from the opv valve exhuast. In your case I didn't see that happening but I did see the pressure climb steeply in the steam boiler.
  9. The reseller just contacted me saying that Lelit had found the problem in several machines and are looking to see if the fix is permanent or not...
  10. Just realised I never thanked this forum member! Great info..
  11. Mine is still on steam priority mode with no issues. I'm still waiting for the reseller to contact me but since there has been a severe snow storm I'm not expecting any answers soon.
  12. You definitely helped me to choose an espresso machine thanks to your videos. I also understand what's going on under the hood a little bit thanks to the channel. Keep up it mate.
  13. 2.6k isn't bad! Next week you'll be bigger than James Hoffman...
  14. Thanks Dave! I must say I have watched a lot of your videos on YouTube better buying the machine. I feel like I'm taking to a celeb!
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