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  1. @MediumRoastSteam Thanks for that! I inputted my local details and got the following. Think I'll be okay with the Lelit filter or do I need something more? pHs = 6.176649365 pHeq from Alkalinity = 7.39585636 LI = 1.219206994 New Langelier Index: 1.199135621
  2. @ChrisKon I'm actually in Canada and it looks like the Osmio is only available in the UK and Europe, But you got me wondering about the hardness of my water here in Toronto... Is there a standard measure for water hardness? And at what point does the in-built Lelit filter not work well anymore?
  3. @ChrisKon Nice! I looked up the Osmio, and it looks like a very nice product. I'm just using tap water and the Lelit resin filter for now. Do you think it would be a big difference to use RO water? After further research, the ECM portafilter I was looking at seems to have some negative reviews about how it feels in the hand (manufacturing tolerances for the seam between the black plastic and the stainless steel don't seem to be very smooth) so I may actually just go for the Lelit one after all. If I can get ahold of the wooden kit, I could get the wooden bottomless portafilter to complete
  4. Greetings Lelit fans. I'm a new member to the forum and have had my Mara X w/ Eureka Specialita for a month now and absolutely love the results from these two machines. I would like to add a bottomless portafilter and maybe a VST basket to help optimize my pulls (plus I love being able to see the extraction happening). I'm looking at the ECM bottomless portafilter: https://www.ecm.de/en/products/details/product/Product/Details/gran-crema-filtertraeger/. Would those in the know be able to tell me if this would be a good match for the Mara X? The Lelit branded one would be fine too but
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