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  1. @Tomatin Thanks... mine went via an online form on Citizens Advice that the Kent CC link took me to. I'll give them a chance to look at it first before contacting Marcia.
  2. Indeed... my Section 75 claim went into Visa just before I did the Trading Standards report yesterday.
  3. I've still not heard a word from them since mid December (other than automated replies) - they still have a lot of my money, so my report to Kent Trading Standards went in today.
  4. JRW

    Java hub beans

    Appears that JavaHub is basically re-bagged/badged Herbert and Ward coffee. JavaHub and Herbert & Ward share a director (Nigel Miller) and the same business address. Perhaps if Mr Miller saw the damage that JavaHub is now doing to H&W's reputation (built over 100years!) he might take a firmer hand of the tiller and try to sort out this miserable offshoot!
  5. First up apologies if you've already read this on another thread, as I've posted this elsewhere on the forum... but this looks like my story about JavaHub might be best placed here... Whilst I don't doubt JavaHub's coffee bean credentials (I would imagine that they are mostly re-bagging Herbert & Ward coffees, who they share a premises with), I would think long and hard about ordering anything else from them. A cautionary tale... Having immediately taken my money for an espresso machine their website said was 'in stock' when I placed my order on the 4th December, they sub
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