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  1. Thanks all. I'm gong to look into all of the mods that'll hourly make it more usable for me at home.
  2. I spent 150 on it. Think its a bit old and (I'm very new to this) I was finding it tricky to get the ground fine enough and consistent. If I keep if I think I'd need to change the burrs ASAP. I've taken off the hopper so I'll see if that makes it any more acceptable. I had a budget of up to 250 for the grinder though and I may be less faff to get a new smaller one (even if it might not ultimately perform as well).
  3. Just got a 2nd hand mazzer sj through and it's massive. I appreciate i should have known this..... not popular at home so annoying I need to sell it as soon as I bought it. Any tips on a smaller (ideally under 48cm) grinder for espresso?
  4. I've just won a mazzer so for 150 let's see how it goes. Is it easy to take apart/ fit new burrs. Would you do that straight away after getting one? Thank for any help.
  5. Hi all. Going a bit mad now. Going down an ebay/ gumtree wormhole. I was set on a new classic pro and sage grinder but the more I read on here the more I think I really need to get a basic setup to practice and see if I like it. Found a gaggia baby class for about £100 and was thinking of pairing it with the mc2. What do you think? Any other options? I've bought scales and timer start else so I realistically need?
  6. Hi all Just starting on my home barista journey. I've been using aeropress and v60 for years with (I'm sorry) pre ground coffee. I've not got a massive budget but was going start with: Gaggia classic- stuck between 2nd hand older one or the new pro. And Sage grinder pro as I just want one grinder and keen to use my v60/ aeropress still. Keen for any advice. Happy new year!
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