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  1. Hi ! Just received my "new" Mazzer Super Jolly One of the first thing I noticed is the precision of the settings ! less than 180° and you have piston instead of expresso Anyway, while searching something to improve the "visibility", I found an old post from another forum concerning scales to print (pdf and psd) for Mazzer : http://dimlight.org/mazzer/ For example (careful, the scale of my capture is not accurate -> take the link instead if you want it)
  2. Thank you Deegee 😃 It encourages me concerning the PID. As suggested by @El carajillo, I'll contact @MrShades about that 😊 Concerning the grinder, I have some leads an I am confident I will find something great !
  3. Absolutely, 8,5mm, not 3.5mm 😅 I bought mine here Hope it will arrive soon, the Channel seams quite long to cross in these difficult times..
  4. Thank you for your shared experience and your welcome Steve The main difficulty for me is the consistency of the shots. And of course, the small alloy boiler doesn't help for that ! But most of the time, I like my machine ! The difficulty will be to stop to upgrade it (it's so simple and user friendly, it encourages you to do it again and again ) and finally move along to something else and probably very different
  5. Oops the last sentence. "If possible, I wish to have more choice, notably for the handle " concerned the bottomless portafilter message in response to El carajillo. 😋
  6. Important information, thanks for the share-out ! For the gasket seal, it's the same : there is a lot of "almost good dimensions but not exactly.." (3.5mm height for example). I will probably put a PID to improve my Gaggia so, no brass holder for me anyway. If possible, I wish to have more choice, notably for the handle.
  7. Thanks ! In France, your answer is called a "réponse de normand" (people from the Normandy region), meaning a "yes but no" answer (or the opposite) 😁 Let's say another 58mm bottomless portafilter have the good angle, it means that maybe it is compatible ?
  8. Ah ok, then a brass holder should really help concerning the thermal stability if the Gaggia is not PID modded. Concerning the bottomless "learning" perspective, sounds great ! I will add it to my wishlist. Is the bottomless portafilter specific for Gaggia or any 58mm bottomless portafilter works ? (probably a noob question.. 😅)
  9. I am surprised concerning the shower holder : I thought the original was in brass. My mistake. For the IMS screen, it improves the crema ? And are you happy concerning your bottomless portafilter ? In your opinion, it really helps to improve your shots or is it mainly aesthetically pleasing ? Thank you
  10. Great topic for a great machine ! I bought a second hand 3 years ago (a model of 2012) and it works perfectly. I had to clean it completely but that is all. I changed the pump 1 year ago (cost me 12 £ or so on EB) without any difficulty, thanks to the incredible ressources you can easily find online (schemes, videos,...). Even correct the pressure was easy for a noobie like me. And if it is not enough, a great Gaggia Classic fans like here if you need it 😁 So do not hesitate, RBoston Just be careful to not buy a 2015 model (without a 3 ways solenoid valve).
  11. Thanks for your welcome and your advices. I will check with attention MrShades PID's topic For parts I agree ! Changing the pumps were easy and lastly, I bought easily some spare parts to replace old seals (including the holder gasket). For that, I love this machine. Concerning the grinder, maybe the good compromise is finally to buy a new one for expresso and keep the other for slow brews ? I will work on that 😄
  12. Hello dear coffee lovers from UK ! And Happy New Year ! 🥳 3 years ago, I bought my first "real" expresso machine : a Gaggia Classic (2012). After some adventures, it was ready to be great. I also modified the pressure to 9 bars (13 bars when I bought it if I remember well) I also bought my first "real" grinder some months later: a Demoka Minimoka GR-0203. It has flat stainless steel 49mm plates and well, it's quite ok for its small price. In parallel, I still used other brewing methods like French press and moka. And before that, I drank a lot "filter c
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